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Human Behavior 1


Waiting room in Fairbanks, Alaska

width=240 WeddingLasVegas SantaCam

(1) TheaterCam (England) Cornwall | (2) Click for live WeddingCam (USA) Las Vegas | (3) Santa-ClausCam (Finland) Korvatunturi

(1) website the Minack Theatre in Portchurno in Cornwall is the most famous open-air theatre in Britain; possible in the world. Two thousand years ago invading Romans built the theatre into the granite cliffs near the southwesternmost point of England. After a long history of neglecting and rebuilding in 1932 latest history started with a performance of 'The Tempest' of William Shakespeare. In the Summer Festival season the performances start (GMT) 1 PM (Wednesday-Friday) and 7 PM (Monday-Friday) You can view them at a streaming LIVE cam and two other webcams or book online.
(2) Click at link and you are a guest in the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, maybe at a LIVE wedding. It is only one of many chapels Chapels in Las Vegas, where people like gambling. Chapels in Las Vegas. Since 1754, long before Las Vegas, the village Gretna Green, at the southernmost point of Scotland (Britain), was world famous for its weddings (evantually with webcam).
(3) Far, far away in the north, amid the endless wilderness of Finnish Lapland, is a mysterious mountain called Korvatunturi. Right at the foot, hidden from human eyes and ears, lives Santa Claus with his wife, his elves and his reindeer. Heís in fact been living there so long that he canít quite remember when he first moved in. He doesnít actually say much about his home, but he does let on that, as its name - Ear Mountain - suggests, itís an excellent place for hearing and receiving the hopes and dreams of people of all ages. December and January of each year from his house you can see Santa Claus Live. You have (December 2009 - January 2010) the choise out of two webcams: inside and outside the Santa Claus Office.

LivingroomCam Boerse width=240

(1) LivingroomCam Oregon - USA) | (2) StockExchangeCam (Germany) Frankfurt | (3) ContainerCam (Germany) Bremerhafen |

(1) All we know is: this LivingroomCam shows the livingroom of a family in Oregon (USA) . The family welcomes you with music and tells about daily life. Around Christmas the website has a second URL: and of course there is a Christmas Tree. In 1999 the site was 'Webcam of the Week' in the Dutch magazine Panorama.
(2) The German Stock Market in Frankfurt has a webcam at its trading floor.
(3) In the container section of BLG Logistic in Bremerhafen (Germany) the Eurogate joint venture operates one of the largest terminal networks in the world. Read, and view video, to learn more about the company.

HairdressCam ToiletCam NASAtv

(1) BarberCam (Japan) Nakagawa | (2) ToiletCam (Switserland) Airport Kloten | (3) NASA TV (USA) Houston

(1) The BarberCam is situated in a Japanese Hairdress Shop in Nakagawa. All over the world there are more webcams in hairsalons. At the Dutch site 'Hair Today' in Zwolle (The Netherlands) you can make a chat.
(2) Be careful if you use the toilet at Swiss airport Kloten near ZŁrich. They have an Amazing ToiletCam. Click the original website for more information.
(3) NASA Television gives live news and features about astronautica. Read the scedule.

DentalOffice Heli

(1) DentistCam (Japan) Hachinohe City | (2) Helicopter Platform (TheNetherlands) Ede

(1) The only thing we know about this DentistCam is they provide 24 h/day streaming views of their activities and the place: the Kumasaka Dental Office in Hachinohe City in Japan, not far from US Misawa Air Base. Most pages of the website are in Japanese language.
(2) Lukkiens helicopter platform is centrally located in the Netherlands, alongside the A12 near Ede. The platform is privately owned, therefore Lukkien only permits landing with explicit clearance. Within fifteen minutes they can, for instance, fly from Schiphol to Ede avoiding all traffic jams. Via the website Helihaven you have a 24/7 view at the site. At the website you find the actual weather situation and listen to radio air traffic.



Earth at Night (NASA)

USA Europe Korea's

USA (Missouri Light Pollution) | Europe (Astronomy Picture of the Day) | Where is North Korea? (Global Security)

'Where are the stars?' is the question of Platform Lichthinder (in Dutch language). It is an initiative in The Netherlands to cut down the influence of light at night. Most inhabitants of the country cannot see a natural phenomena like the Galaxy at night because it is never getting dark anymore as a result of the many lights in towns and villages. Greenhouses prove to be the biggest source of lights. Two USA sites about the problem are Light Pollution Awarenes and Dark Sky.

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