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Character White Suisse Shepherd Dog:

The white shepherd is a well developed and balanced animal with pronounced energy and purpose. In life, it should have a regal appearance with a definite look of intelligence, the over riding trait being his devotion to his master. Secondary sex characteristics should be well defined. The White Shepherd appears to be somewhat longer than tall, with smooth curves rather than hard angles. He has slightly slopping withers, strong back and well-bent hocks indicating speed and grace, while his face displays high intelligence, at all times avoiding extremes

© text: Ruut Tilstra  see also http://www.whiteshepherd.info/werkhonden.htm

This is a herding dog, and as such must have the agility, freedom of movements and endurance to do the work required of it!

The White Shepherd has distinct personality marked by a direct fearless, but not hostile expression of self confidence. It should be poised, when the occasion demands, eager and alert. To his inherent aptitude as a guardian of flocks should be added protectiveness of the person and property of his master. In his relationship with humans, he should be observant and vigilant with strangers but not apprehensive. He should be fit and willing to serve in any capacity. Those qualities of general appearance and temperament make the White Shepherd particularly able to serve as a companion, herding dog, watchdog or service dog.


To day most of the White Shepherds are just fine family-pets. He is friendly and social and good companion of the children.  

George Brews sledehonden

Dogs in Hollywood

Dorothy Crider

Happy en Smiley

With 184 movies and a few TV-shows the most famous movie-dog is probably Harvey Bindle Offner. Also Harvey's son White Shadow Crider is a famous name in Hollywood. The trainer, owner and breeder of those dogs is movie star  Dorothy Crider.‘Fangs of the Artic’ is just one of the 168 movies from White Shadow.

In the early sixties Happy and Smiley are steeling the (fitness) show from Jack and Elaine La Lanne every morning in "Jack's Show".

In 1971 Pax wins the American Humane Association’s Performance Animal Star of the Year Award (PATSY) with his performance as the companion of a blind Private Detective in Longstreet, with the actor James Franciscus.

The most famous movie is "White Dog" from 1982. Baron Hans von Criston was certified "Schutzhund" by his performance in this movie.

Marion Lopizzo, Jack Lemmon
and Furrari’s Nikki


Last but not least is "Getting away with murder" with Jack Lemmon. Star in this movie is Furrari’s Nikki from Marion Loppizo. Not only is Nikki a movie star, in her normal life she also is a therapy dog


Search and Rescue

Panda from owner and handler Beth Barkley:
It was Panda's need to do something that got Beth involved in SAR and cadaver work. In 1986 Beth and Panda were sent to the earthquakes in San Salvador as part of the US Disaster Team, where she was credited to finding four live people. In 1988 they were also sent to Armenia when an earthquake there killed thousands of people. Panda helped find many bodies so that the people could claim their loved ones. Panda had many finds in her 11 years of searching to her fabulous credit. She was truly great White Shepherd.

MANSHA'S SIRIUS: Mar 13 1988 to Mar 5 1999
Owner and Trainer: Beth Barkley. Breeder: Sharon Mann
Siri was purchased to follow in the footsteps of Panda (pictured with Beth and Siri in the top photo), Beth's first search and rescue dog. These would be big steps to fill. Sirius not only became a search and rescue dog, he also became a cadaver dog, Unfortunately, Siri had to be retired early because of a injury to a hind leg, and then a bad injury to a front leg. He later was certified as a pet therapy dog.

MANSHA'S SAR CZAR: Dec 22 1990
Owner and Trainer: Beth Barkley. Breeder: Sharon Mann
The breeding between Hoof Print Pancho and Sunlits Seika Seabreeze was repeated just to get another pup for Beth. Czar was to take his brother's place with the search and rescue work with Beth. He was a bundle of energy and Beth started him in cadaver work, and this is where Czar still excels. He has been a top cadaver dog for quite a few years now, with many finds to his credit. He also settled down enough to become a search and rescue dog. One of Czar's more notable efforts was during the Oklahoma bombing disaster where he helped find bodies.

SpiritWind's Wee Willie b.:1989 from owner and trainer Bev Davsison. Breeders: H. Sauter Dwayne and B. Larson.
Willie was a natural at air scent work and quickly received his SAR certification for the Northstar K-9 SAR team. Despite a relatively short career due to Bev's career changes, his contributions were appreciated. He has since retired to herding her horses instead and continues to live the good life at 11.5 yrs of age.

Zeuss Magical Fantasy, Sept. 30, 1999. Owner/trainer A.G. Yarde. Breeder: Judy Pennington.
Zeus is a Search & Rescue Dog with the Vanderburgh Co. Emergency Management Agency in Indiana. He loves the attention at PR events and is a great caretaker of Anthony's daughters.


 Zeuss Magical Fantasy

Owner: Blair Miller. Breeder: Joanne Chanyi. Thor is a search and rescue dog with the Fair Oaks Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company.


Juel's Thief of Hearts "Bandit": 1997.
Owner: Rob Schrader, breeder: Judy Grumdahl.
Bandit was certified as a search and rescue dog in late 2000. He is now a member of the Liberty Canine Response Team in New Jersey.

Kimberly 1989: Owner Ruut Tilstra, breeder H. vd Graaf. Kimberly was the first White Shepherd Search and Rescue dog in the Netherlands. Her daughter Manon followed her footsteps. Another daughter of Kimberly, Rebecca of Kimberly's Pride (Becky) still works very successfully as search and rescue dog today.


Uriah from Werntal is doing very well in Germany with his owner/trainer Marco Höhn. Also in Austria and Switzerland more and more White Shepherds are showing up as search and rescue dogs.

Uriah v Werntal

Tenderluv's Bear
van de  Canine Vision Canada

Trainer: Larry De Pugh, breeder: Martha Andrews. Bear is one of four brothers that all graduated as leader dogs for the blind from Canine Vision Canada. Three were littermates and the fourth was from a repeat breeding. Bear was used for demonstrations at the Lions Club Center for a while. All were successfully matched up with their blind masters.  


Owen - Blindegeleidehond (France)

Owner Claudia Grandy, Germany, Breeder: Joanne Chanyi. White Dream was sold to Claudia for breeding purposes, but she was missing a tooth and couldn't be bred. She was then trained to be a seeing-eye dog.

Owner: Peter Zein,  Trained Special Skills Service Dog. Breeder: Joanne Chanyi. Quasar is specially trained to assist Peter Zein, a quadriplegic, in his every day living. He'll pick up anything Peter drops and will go and fetch him things on command. He is also trained to pull the wheel chair if Peter gets tired. Quasar goes to work with Peter everyday, and has made his life much easier. Peter says Quasar replaced his legs and his arms.

 HOOFPRINT A OK OUVA. Mar 23 1990 to 1998
Owner: Vincent Valanzuolo.  Breeder: Joanne Chanyi. Oavae was specially trained as a hearing dog for Vincent. He was also Vincent's friend. They did lots of things together. Vincent entered him in herding instinct trials, and they even got involved in the costume class

Hoofprint Quasar


PRINCE: Mar 21 1971 to Jan 1983
Handler: Rick Frackrell. Breeder: Joanne Chanyi.
Prince was a London, Ontario police dog who served 11 years. Prince was credited with over 200 arrests and worked up until his death due to liver failure at the age of 11.

Prince 1971-1983
Breeder:  J. Chaney


Owner: Robert and Cally Beltrano. Breeder: E. Kelly. Niko is trained to search airplanes and other places for illegal substances

Owner: Danish Army, Air Base Tirstrup. Breeder: Joanne Chanyi. At the age of 9, Pacer and Michael Johansen teamed up with fellow officer Sergeant Anders Borg and his German Shepherd Bruno to compete with 100 other military competitors from seven countries to win the World Championship for the International Canine Biathlon.

WSCC Alt. Ch Hoofprint Hi-Ya Jadzia: May 15/95
Owner and Handler: Beth Barkley. Breeder: Joanne Chanyi.
Jadzia is a trained cadaver dog.

Day's Suzy Hears All, HC, TT: Certified Hearing Ear Dog
Owner: Linda Oleniuk.
Breeder: Debbie Martin.Suzy is in service to Linda, a hearing impaired mother of three young children.  Suzy has saved Linda's life more than once and as Linda says, "I haven't burned the bottom out of any kettles since I've had Suzy." Suzy's gentle temperament has made her more than a service dog, she is also the devoted companion and caretaker to "her" children.

"June" & "Rip"
loved and trained by: WSAA Honorary Lifetime Member:-  Mr Glen Gadsby. Mr Gadsby has supervised a lot of training of service dogs at the RAAF, Army and Navy during the 1960's and 70's.  He has owned and trained 2 white shepherds - June (Police Dog 41) and Rip (Police Dog 251) during his RAAF career. 
"Rip went through Cyclone Tracy, in Darwin, with me in 1974, and I vividly remember, when we came out of Darwin in one piece, and were posted to Op. Command at Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains, we did a demo at Penrith Showground's…  and when we came out to start, the announcer introduced us as the man and dog who went through Cyclone Tracy, we received a standing ovation from the crowd.  Lovely memories!  Rip was officially presented to me on his retirement, aged ten years, by the Commanding Officer of 7SD Toowoomba, Sqn Ldr Jim Dunne, during a very moving official presentation.  Rip was wearing a red coat with Sergeant stripes on it.  It was a first for a RAAF dog, and received a lot of publicity."