'Bomberjack' is a strong autobiography written by Dutch writer/journalist Clifford C. Cremer (1965). Based on his experiences as a former Marine in the Dutch Navy, as a world traveler and also as a war volunteer in the Bosnian and Croatian wars, 'Bomberjack' also deals with Cliff's relationship with his older brother Clinton, who was murdered in Amsterdam in 1994.

Clifford and Clinton are raised by their Hungarian grandmother in Enschede, a small city near the German border. At a very young age, both brothers decide to go their own ways. Cliff joins the Marines, while Clint goes to Kenya, where he quickly becomes a nightclub manager in the coastal town of Mombasa. A nearly lethal road accident on the island of Aruba leaves Cliff with only one foot, after which he joins his brother in Africa. From there Cliff travels to Bangkok, where he remains for a couple of years. He lives among Thai prostitutes and then leaves for the Philippines. Broke, he returns to Holland in 1991. Then the war in the former Yugoslavia starts. Cliff becomes one of the very few Dutch war volunteers. Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina will be the scenes for many new adventures.

Hippies, conmen, ravers, prostitutes and psychopaths are some of the characters displayed in 'Bomberjack'.

Cremer writes about this postmodern universe in a realistic style, with lots of black humour .

'Bomberjack' therefore is not only a magnificent piece of post-modern literature, but also a remarkable autobiography.



Interview Clifford Cremer in 'de Groene' (in Dutch)


Some reviews of 'Bomberjack':

"Fascinating" - Frits Barend (Barend en van Dorp)

"Sad and funny at the same time, very touching" - Theodor Holman (AT5)

"Bomberjack is a remarkable book for it contains a story which is almost unbelievable. It's so authentic, the letters almost hurt your eyes" - Vico Olling (Blvd.)

'Thanks to the interview with Clifford Cremer, we now have a better understanding of the motives and the mind, or rather instinct, of the marine-mercenary-hooligan.' - Letter in 'de Groene'

' A realistic and tough biography. Sometimes touching, sometimes cruel. For fans of real-life and true crime a must-read'. - Arjan Borgman


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Bomberjack - Clifford C. Cremer, uitg. Aspekt, ISBN 90-75323-77-8 (available only in Dutch)

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