Full name: Daniel Kelly
Nickname: Danny
Born: 1961
Birthplace: Leominster, Massachusetts, USA
Parents: Daniel and Joanne
Notes: Is schizophrenic and/or autistic. He went back to the USA after Barbara Ann's death and lives with his uncle. He's a good painter and speaks three languages. When they lived in Spain he walked every morning to the next village to buy himself breakfast, because he wanted something special.

Full name: Caroline Kelly + her husband's name
Born: 1962 (I have heard though her exact birth date is supposed to be 20.07.1959)
Birthplace: Leominster, Massachusetts, USA
Parents: Daniel and Joanne
Status: Married, but with no kids.
Notes: Lives in Arizona, USA. Works as a nurse

Full name: Kathleen Anne Kelly
Nickname: Kathy
Parents: Daniel and Joanne
Born: 06.03.1963
Birthplace: Leominster, Massachusetts, USA.
Languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian, also Dutch.
Status: Divorced with one child, Sean, 11 years old.
Notes: Went solo in 2000. She has released three solo-albums.

Full name: Paul Kelly
Born: 1964
Birthplace: Leominster, Massachusetts, USA
Parents: Daniel and Joanne
Marital Status: Married with six kids in the age 2-14.
Notes: Left the family band in 1984 to study in France, became a cook. He has been a street-musician for many years playing his hurdy-gurdy on the streets of Europe. Was last seen playing on the streets early December 2004 in Ghent, Belgium. He's released some MCs and albums. Was one of the guest musicians on the Kelly Family's CD Homerun; he played his hurdy-gurdy on the song "Babylon".
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papa Daniel and mama barbara kelly
papa kelly rest in peace and you will be always in my heart
dedankt papa kelly mama kelly rust zacht
Full name: Daniel Jerome Kelly
Nickname: Dan, papa, mapa
Parents: John and Caroline Kelly
Born: 11.10.1930
Birthplace: Michigan, USA
Passed away: 05.08.2002 in Köln, Germany. Was berried 09.08.02 in Darrara, County Cork, Ireland.
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
Notes: Got four kids with Joanne before he met Barbara Ann. Married Barbara Ann 06.11.1970 in New York, USA. Became a widower after Barbara's death in 1982. Got three strokes; 1990 (which paralysed the right side of his body), 1999 and 2002. The third stroke was a fatal one.
Full name: Barbara Ann Kelly
Birth name: Barbara Ann Suokko
Nickname: Mama
Parents: Victor and Barbara Ann Suokko
Born: 02.06.1946
Birthplace: Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA
Passed away: 10.11.1982. Lies berried in Belascoain, Spain.
Languages: English, German and Spanish.
Notes: Married Daniel Kelly 06.11.70 in New York, USA. Was a ballet dancer. Was half Finnish and half Tyrolean. Had a brother named Jim. The ship Santa Barbara Anna was named after her.
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Born: 02.06.1946
 ma barbara

Born: 11.10.1930 papa daniel

keep on singing kelly,s

Full name: Maite Itoiz Solchaga
Born: 1975
Birthplace: Pamplona, Spain
Parents: Carlos Itoiz and
Marital Status: Married to John Kelly (since 06.2001).
Notes: Maite and John married in Arnotegui's Church, near Obanos, on June 24th 2001. They've been together for several years and known each other all their life. Maite is the daughter of the famous flamenco guitarist Carlos Itoiz. She's an opera singer and has also released some albums.

Full name: Denis Sawinkine
Born: 1973
Birthplace: Russia (Moscow?)
Parents: Natascha and ?
Marital Status: Married to Patricia Kelly (since 01.2001)
Children: Alexander (*01) and Ignatius (*03).
Notes: Denis and Patricia got married on January 20th of 2001 in La Bourgogne, France. Is a mathematician.

Full name: Meike
Marital Status: Girlfriend of Jimmy Kelly???
Notes: Best friend of Kira, they studied psychology together. Is the babysitter of Kira and Angelo's two kids.

Full name: Tanja Niethen - Kelly

Born: 25.01.1973
Birthplace: Siegburg, Germany
Marital Status: Married to Joey Kelly (since 12.2004).
Children: Luke (*00) and Leon (*04)
Notes: Tanja and Joey got married on December 20th 2004 in Bad Hennef, Germany. Started dancing ballet at the age of five and has studied ballet on the Ballet-Academy in Köln (Cologne). She has a much younger brother named Sebastian. Loves collecting everything that has to do with vampires. Has had a guest cast on the famous German soap "Unter uns". Was earlier in a band called Belini together with Dandara Santos-Silva from Brazil which had the big hit "Samba de Janeiro". Tanja and Dandara formed in October of 1998 a new group called Bellissima together with Mel Roberts from England. Tanja has won Gold and platin um records!

Full name: Kira Harms
Born: 07.10.1978
Birthplace: Rostock, Germany?
Parents: Detlev Harms (29.07.1942) and ? Harms
Marital Status: Engaged to Angelo Kelly since 27.12.98. Known him since 1993
Children: Gabriel (*01) and Helen Josephine (*02).
Notes: Daughter of the former mayor in Rostock, Germany. Has a brother named Gregor. Best friend of Meike, they studied psychology together.

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Full name: Florent Michel Raimond
Birthplace: Germany
Marital Status: Engaged to Maite Kelly since 17.01.2005.

Notes: He works as a telekom engineer in München (Munich), Germany. Florent and Maite have been together for over two years. They got engaged at the Communauté Saint Jean in Lomé, Togo, Africa, where they both are involved in a project (the Togo-Project).
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Not quite sure if they are kelly girl/boyfriends

Full name: Sean Kelly (Sean Patrick? / Sean    Michelle?)
Nickname: Seanyboy, Seany
Born: 14.12.1992
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Parents: Kathy Kelly and Vincent Van Hille
Languages: German, English and understands French
Notes: Attends Erfurt Grundschule (since 2000). Has a band with some of

Full name: Luke Christopher Niethen Kelly
Nickname: Luke, Lukie
Born: 29.06.2000
Birthplace: Krefelder Hospital, Germany
Parents: Tanja Niethen and Joey Kelly
Godparents: Jimmy and a friend of Tanja
Notes: Was born 9.59 in the morning, weighed 3.400 g and was 52 centimeters long. In Ocober of 2004 Luke had an accident which almost cost him his life. He fell out off his bunk bed, landed on his head and got a skull break. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent a 90 minutes long life-saving operation where the doctors had to remove a blood clot near his brain. Luke was in the hospital for over a week and came home with two titan screws in his head and a 20 cm long scar.

Full name: Gabriel Jerome Harms Kelly
Nickname: Gabriel
Born: 03.07.2001
Birthplace: Köln, Germany
Parents: Kira Harms and Angelo Kelly
Godparents: Paddy
Notes: Has his father's hair

Full name: Alexander Joseph Kelly Sawinkine
Nickname: Alex, AJ
Born: 30.10.2001
Birthplace: Köln, Germany
Parents: Patricia Kelly and Denis Sawinkine
Godparents: Jimmy and Maite (baptized in the church of Gymnich, Germany)
Languages: English, Russian and some German
Notes: Came into the world at 19.30 by a caesarean operation. Weighed ca. 6 kilos and was 52 centimeters long at birth.

Full name: Helen Josephine Harms Kelly
Nickname: Helen
Born: 05.11.2002
Birthplace: Köln, Germany
Parents: Kira Harms and Angelo Kelly
Notes: Came into the world by a caesarean operation 8.30 in the morning. She weighed 4380 g and was 54 centimeters long at birth.

Full name: Ignatius Aron Maria Kelly Sawinkine
Nickname: Ignatius
Born: 31.07.2003
Birthplace: Germany
Parents: Patricia Kelly and Denis Sawinkine
Notes: Weighed 3200 g and was 48 centimeters long at birt