I's been a few years now ;-). Almost seven to tell you the truth. My project has come to a complete standstill for several reasons. Study, relationship and work to name just a few. For that reason I have decided to sell my cockpit stuff for those who need it and are still actively building. It's just gathering dust over here... and I could use the money to be honest ;-)

Anyway, if you're inetersted check out my stuff here: Stuff for sale!!!

Website facelift

Frequent visitors may have noticed that the website has had a major facelift. I'm trying to earn some extra bucks by doing some (web)design, so this was a welcome opportunity to practice... If you know anyone interested you can point them towards Elcé Design

Wow. It's been a very long time since I updated this site. A little more than 8 months to be exact. That doesn't mean I've been doing nothing on my cockpit, but it has been a low level event overall. I've updated the site with a cutaway drawing of the F16 here: cutaway drawing . I'm busy working on a 3D AutoCAD drawing of the F16 cockpit with the outer body of the F16 and everything. I'll keep you updated on the progress here (soon I hope ;-)

I'm supposed to receive some detailed additional information on the ACESII Ejection Seat, so I'm planning to make an update of the How-To file in a short while. This one will be more detailed and exact.

Lots of stuff has happened since my last update. I went to the flightsim museum and had a hell of a time out there. You can read the full story at the SimPits Site or more directly at:

I went to the ITEC exposition in The Hague and was very impressed with what I found there. You can read my 'interim report' on it right here: ITEC story

Me and some dutch cockpit nuts came together to discuss our methods, problems and dreams. I think it was a very fertile meeting, with many ideas exchanged and enthusiasm given an extra boost.

Did a graphical update to my website. Changed some colors and the menu-layout...

I have received a mail from a guy called Gert-Jan v.d. Poel. He sent with it some pictures of his own cockpit project. The pictures of his ACES2 imitation were absolutely stunning, so I hosted a little website for him too. You can access it through:

He told me he would update me with new pictures as the project comes along, so check the site out regularly!

I've been 'officially' named "dutch spokesperson" for SimPits International. So, proud as I am, I'm trying hard to get some good information contacts set up here in the Netherlands. If anyone can help me with this or has any suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know...

I finally found some pictures I had taken a few years ago in Belgium (Kleine Brogel) at an airshow, of the cockpit section of an F16. I thought it was a Block10 but if anyone knows more/otherwise, please let me know. The pictures can be viewed through the following link: MyPictures

Today I added some more drawings to the "Real Parts" section. Check them out under Hull Drawings 2.
I'm working on my own version of the left aux. panel and the gear handle now.

Added some more pictures to the Left Aux. Panel page. Updated the drawing of the GearHandle and added an estimated guess of the shape of the lighted knob at the end of the GearHandle

Just updated the 'Real Parts' section with detailed drwaings of the F16 outer hull. A MUST-HAVE for anyone who wants to build the outside of his F16 too...!!! Check them out here: F16 Hull Drawings

An extra item added: the Left Aux. Panel. Find all the info and images here: Left Aux. Panel

I've been to my contact in Vught/Helvoirt again. His name is Leon Sleegers and he's (re-)building an original F16 cockpit. I mean with real parts and not 'simulated' ones.... I went there to exchange some information, and he has been very helpfull to me ones again. It got mainly concentrated to the left sub-panel and in particular the gear handle.

You can see some detailed drawings and pictures of the gear handle here: Gearhandle

I also rearranged my site a little bit again, hoping to make it a bit easier to navigate. I will update the site again on very short notice with more new photo's and drawings that I have acquired recently!!

Lots has happened since my last update. I've been working on my own version of the "joystick-extension" with limited movement. I must say with a mixed result. The concept does work, although the excess force experienced in the diagonal movements is not really to my satisfaction. I'll have to think it all over again, and in the mean time I hope someone comes up with a viable alternative for the "pressure sensors". I know a lot of guys are working on it....

Today I went to a Flightsimulation Museum near my home (about 15 km). I never knew it was there untill recently. I was very impressed with what they had there. No real graphical sims unfortunately, but more instrument trainers. Many "Link" trainers and some in working condition. You can also take flight lessons there in their simulators. For all you dutch sim-enthousiasts, this is a MUST-VISIT...!!

What's even better, the man that gave us the guided tour at the museum gave me some VERY usefull info. We started talking about my simpit (it's a real word now ;-) and he just GAVE me scaled technical drawings of the outer hull of an F16. He also gave me a kind of advertising booklet from Lockheed, showing detailed photo's and drawings of their "F-16 squadron-level trainer". Something like the "real" F16 simulator!!! You can imagine that I went home with a very happy face! :-)) You can see a selection of the pictures of the book here: SimBook. You can see some more info on the museum on my links page or here: Stichting De Link

I changed the "construction" link into a "Hints & Tips" link. The "Hints & Tips" page now has a link to the topic of 'lettering buttons', explaining some different methods on how to..... you guessed it: letter buttons. This was a topic lately in the Simpits mailinglist and I've gathered the info shared on this page.

Updated the pics on my ACESII imitation page. Also updated the ACESII update picture. Other than that I have been very quiet. Tried out some demo's like Janes USAF and DI's Hornet sim. Must say I was VERY impressed by the graphics of USAF although I regret to say it's more of an 'arcade' shooter :-(
DI's sim was more something for the hardcore crowd but here graphics were terribly lacking!

Added a section today to the Construction-page explaining some principles on motion simulation: Motion Simulation explained . Have some pictures developed of my seat while it was still in the building process. Will add them shortly to my site. Updated the ACESII How-To. I made a version that included some pictures of my work in progress but it ended up being 3.4Mb so I scrapped that version!! All in all I'm keeping busy at it, in no small part thanks to the inspiration from the Simpits mailinglist ;-)

I have finally started with a much requested "How-To" for my ACESII imitation. It's in PDF-format so you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. A preliminary (Alpha-)version of the How-To can be downloaded here: ACESII How-To Alpha release

Finishing the last parts on my ejection seat, I have already started to design my new cockpit. The design is designated X/S-12 (eXperimental Speed1 version 2).

I finally received my "sonic inducers" (or Bass Pump/Body Shaker) and built them into the Seat. I attached them to a 4x100W car-amplifier and hooked that up to my PC. Time for the first test-flight. I loaded up Falcon4.0, my all time favorite, and started with a take off training mission. As I pushed forward the throttle, I couldn't believe it. It was as if I felt every little bump on the taxiway. Lined up on the runway I pushed the throttle all the way forward and as the afterburner set in I thought I was going to shake out of the seat! Now this felt like an afterburner (I think!?). It was as if the entire plane was shaking, the suspension of disbelief was almost absolute! And all that from only installing 2 sonic inducers in my seat (on in the back, and one on the bottom part). In my other chair I had a powerful bass-speaker installed in the back, but the difference is incredible. The inducers give you the feeling everything is "shaking" not just trembling like the bass-speaker!

On anther note: yesterday I finished breaking down my old cockpit. It's a bit of a mixed feeling. On the one hand I'm sad that my life's work ;-) is now gone. Plus the room it was in is really empty right now. I miss it....:-(
On the other hand it's a feeling of a fresh new start with new ideas and lessons learned in the other project. This time I'm gonna pre-design everything in AutoCad. The experience I had with the Seat is that it saves up an incredible amount of time. You come across problems early, when they're more easily solved, not when you're building it together only to find out it doesn't fit.
My new design will be a fantasy kind of hybrid loosely based on the F16 design and incorporating some good stuff from other fighters/home-cockpits. What I do strive for however is a "believable" design. It should look like I ripped the cockpit out of a real fighter. Other than that it must just be functional an fun..... ;-)

I've taken pictures of the deconstruction process of my cockpit, which I will put up as soon as they're ready. You can view them in reverse order to get an idea of the construction process ;-)

Coming back from a hardcore LAN Games-weekend with some friends here I am again. I'm still a little frustrated 'cause I didn't get my Thrustmaster FLCS to work. I hope it isn't broken, because they're out of business now, so it would be hard to buy a new one!

What's better however is that I have some new pics of my seat in progress, thanks to my friend Gert. If you like to check them out try this link: ACESII update

Today I joined the first official "Home Built Cockpit Webring". We only have 5 members yet, but I'm sure it will grow quickly. I designed a kind of logo which we will be using until someone comes up with something better (challenge for you Rama?? ;-)
If you want to join the WebRing click on the following link for more info:

I'm working on the so called Gillotine-handle and the ejection handle right now for my seat. It's really in the finishing phase now. This Saturday my friend Gert will bring his digital camera and shoot some pics before we head off to the LAN-Games Weekend..... :-)

I have been working on my seat lately, although the process is slowing down as I near the end. The finishing touches take up more time because first of all, I didn't really pre-plan any of it and secondly it's hard to come by good lookalike stuff. I'm almost totally finished with the 'breathing oxygen' bottle and with the covers next to the headrest (hiding the drag chutes????).
I hope I'll be able to put some updated pics up soon!

I have also updated the welcoming HomePage and added a link to the ONElist 'Simpits' mailinglist.

Yesterday a very good friend of mine named Gert came by my house, bringing his digital camera. So finally I was able to shoot some pictures of the seat I'm working on. You can see the pictures by clicking on the following link:
the following link ;-)

I've been surfing the web extensively looking for some new info and maybe some inspiration. Via 'Rama', who contacted me through e-mail, I got introduced to "Simpits" at ONElist. This is a sort of e-mail community with one common interest: Homebuilt Cockpits. I'm pretty excited about this because I had a similar idea in my head for a long time, I just didn't know how to set it up. If it sounds like something for you, check it out at:

Tomorrow my girlfriend and I will start working on the seat-cushions for my ACESII-lookalike. A good friend of mine has promised to come by soon with his digital camera so I can put some pictures online right away!

I received plans for an ejection seat about 2 weeks ago from Jeff Heeszel. If your interested in some complete plans you can contact him by clicking on his name. Instead of using his plans however, I got inspired to make my own plans finally. I used AutoCad to draw them. I'm pretty new to using AutoCad but I think I'm starting to get a hang of it now. I completed the plans in about 3 evenings!!
I've been busy building my seat for about 1,5 weeks now and It's really starting to take shape. Designing everything on forehand saves up enormous amounts of time, I'm happy to say.
When I have some pictures ready I'll put them up immediately, together with a complete story on the building process...

Finally I started updating my old site. The address is long invalid since I moved to another provider. Reading an article on on Home-Cockpits got me started again. I've decided to let go off visual appearance in favor of speed and accessibility, so no visual explosions on this site ;-)