My ACESII imitation

Well finally some pictures up of my ongoing project called "The Seat". Click on the images to see the larger version (should I add that...?? ;-)

It should be obvious that the seat is far from finished, and I'm probably still working on it as you read this. I hope to end it though in the next two weeks. I already started painting the oxygen-bottle on the left side and more decorating stuff. I'm still looking for some detailed shots of al the text and decals that are spread over the original seat.... (and I mean like 'legible' detailed). On the other hand I don't mean it to be an exact replica. I'm thinking of making the headrest pieces (that are missing still!) out of some kind of foam like the seat-cushions since I wont be wearing a helmet....

I do have to give credits to my lovely girlfriend who made the seat-cushions for me. And more than that, she's supporting me all the way in this project (she even likes the way it looks!!!??). From what I've read online, that is a VERY RARE commodity ;-)

Here you have some pictures of the seat in the beginning phase. Showing a little bit clearer how everything comes together.

Close up details of where I mounted the 2 "Bass-Pumps" or "Sonic Inducers". One against my back and one against my butt ;-)

More construction details. The left pic shows how I attached the seat cushion against the seat, using a belt screwed to the seat, which passes through the "rings" sewed against the cushions' fabric. The right pic shows how I fortified the connection between the upper and bottom part using a aluminum profile.

Here's a close up shot of the left-bottom-side of the seat


First some overall shots of the different sides of my seat.......

Then, a close up of the top part.....

Finally the latest shots of the work in progress. This is how the seat looks on 19/12/99..

And here are, from left to right, my lovely girlfriend (the maker of the seat-cushions), and the maker of the seat.... me ;-)