On Set

Minas Tirith Set Minas Tirith Set Sir Ian McKellen waites Setting A Scene In Minas Tirith Viggo Pauses For A Touchup

John Noble Is Denethor McKellen Pauses For Makeup Miranda Otto Gets Braided Theoden And Eowyn At Edoras Peter Jackson And John Rhys-Davies

Elijah Grapples Andy Andrew Lesnie, Elijah Wood And Andy Serkis Andy Serkis Suited Up Serkis and Astin Elijah Wood In Makeup

Pippin Swaps The Palantir Peter Jackson's MTV Awards Speech Peter Jackson And Alan Lee Richard Taylor On A Dummy Horse Viggo Readies For the Paths Of The Dead

A Field of Skulls Action At Dunharrow Heads Roll Over The Pelennor Orc Archers Of Mordor Mordor Orc Archer

An Orc Pauses For Make Up A Haradrim Warrior Andrew Lesnie And Dan Hennah Peter Jackson Gino Acevedo Fixes Prosthetics

Andrew Lesnie On Set Andrew Lesnie On Set Andrew Lesnie On Set Andrew Lesnie On Set Gino Acevedo Works On An Orc