The Elves

Contrary to humans, dwarves and goblins the elves are a race that was originally found on Midkemia. They were forced into slavery by the Valheru, another original Midkemian race. After the disappearance of the Valheru five sub-races of elves originated: the eledhel, the moredhel, the glamredhel, the ocedhel and the eldar. The difference between the sub-races is determined by the way - that is the level - the different elvenslaves served under the Valheru. Elves are all immutably long living, by which they have a different philosophy and another view of the world then men, who in the eyes of the elves live hurried and short lives. Elves believe they will go to the Blessed Islands after their death. The name of a deceased elf will never be spoken again, and when the concerned is mentioned, then only through a description.

The eledhel are, freely translated, the elves of light. They stood fairly far away from the Valheru and were not corrupted during the Chaos Wars that led to the ruin of the Valheru. The eledhel - considered by men to be ' real' elves - live in Elvandar, where Queen Aglaranna holds sway. Elvandar is situated in the vast forests north of the Green Heart, near Crydee. It's an old and timeless place, with magic in the air and earth everywhere. The heart of Elvandar is formed by a city with striking big trees all connected with each other by suspension bridges. The leaves have different colours, from green and silver to gold and white. Stairs are hewed from the tree trunks, by which the elves are able to climb to great heights. Everyone who beholds Elvandar for the first time in their life will be impressed by the magnificence and will take everything in breathlessly. Visitors of Elvandar must be invited. Those that didn't request official access get lost in the forest through divergent magical means, what will eventually lead to their death. They forever fall asleep or die from starvation.

The moredhel are the black elves and they are called the Brotherhood of the Unholy Path by humans. That's not for nothing: the moredhel came to the Unholy Path because of their desire for the artefacts of the Valheru. They primarily live in the Northern fields and in the Green Heart. They are subdivided into various tribes. Quarrels between the tribes often break out and in their own history there have only been a few periods during which the tribes were united under one leader. For example during the dominion of Murmandamus. The moredhel often form alliances with gnomes and trolls to invade the Kindom of Islands. That's why the Kingdom has the disposal of a strong border guard, with Highstein, Ironpass and Northern Watch as strongholds. They are all found near the entrance to the most important passes of the Teeth of the World.

The glamredhel are, again freely translated, the crazy elves. During the Chaos Wars they became 'crazy', and after the wars they were almost entirely exterminated by the moredhel. The enclave of King Redtree in the Edderforest is inhabited by the last remaining glamredhel - after their 'rediscovery' they would have found a place in Elvandar. In the distant past the glamredhel had built two cities to protect themselves against the moredhel: Sar-Sargoth and Sar-Isbandia, of which the last became populated by man and was renamed Armengar after the all but disappearance of the glamredhel. They were built with the use of tools left behind by the Valheru. The building achievement is still unequalled on Midkemia.

The ocedhel are the 'elves from over the sea'. They live at Novindus, and were cut off from their congeners at Triagia during the Chaos Wars. They have heard the legends of a beautiful elven city, but they believe it to be folklore. Among the Jeshandi the greatest concentration of ocedhel can be found.

The eldar are the 'wise elves'. They are the keepers of the knowledge of the Valheru, but they landed on Kelewan during the Chaos Wars, in a sister city of Elvandar named Elvardein. After they were discovered by Puc, they returned to Elvandar.

The Dwarves

The dwarves are long living, just like the elves. They don't get taller then one-and-a-half meter and are build especially firm. The men just about all and always wear a full beard. They have a large endurance, by which they are able to close upon enemies heels while running for a very long time.

At Midkemia there are, as far as known, three dwarvenkingdoms. At Triagia there are two, the western dwarves of Stonemountain and the Grey Towers, and the eastern dwarves of Dorgin. The western dwarves are best known to the readers, because Dolgan regularly appears. At Novindus dwarves are found in the Ratn'gari, but very little is known about them, except that the almost legendary Obar, Prince of Dwarves, comes from this region.

Most is known about the lives of the dwarves of Stonemountain and the Grey Towers. They are praised for their ale, which is exported to all the remote corners of the world. The dwarves also work in mines, whereby they win various metals, including gold, silver and precious stones. During the summer season they let their cattle graze in the highlands. During the winter season the fireplace is sought and time is passed with eating, drinking ale and singing rough, sometimes even obscene songs.

The dwarves are excellent fighters, and they show themselves angry (good-natured) more than once when they ' aren't invited to a fight '. They primarily fight against gnomes and black elves, because both are hated intensely by the dwarves. As soon as they catch sight of one, they will want to take the life of that gnome or black elf as quickly as possible. The dwarves regularly aid the Kingdom of Islands, especially when the future of Midkemia is at stake. At that they mostly work together with the elves of Elvandar.