Bibliography Neil Gaiman

From his much awarded comic series The Sandman to his awardwinning novels Neverwhere and American Gods and his collection of short stories Smokes and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman has shown his incredible imagination in dark and extremely inventive fiction.

Children's Titles
The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish
The Wolves In The Walls

Adult Fiction
Good Omens with Terry Pratchett
Neverwhere / Niemandsland
Smokes and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions / Spiegels en Rook
American Gods
Two Plays for Voices
Murder Mysteries

The Sandman series
Sandman related stories
The tragical comedy or comical tradegy of Mr. Punch (illustrated & designed by Dave McKean)
Violent Cases (illustrated & designed by Dave McKean)
Murder Mysteries (adapted for comics by P. Craig Russell)
One Life - Furnished in early Moorcock (adapted for comics by P. Craig Russell)
Only the End of the World again (adapted for comics by P. Craig Russell & Troy Nixey)
Harlequin Valentine (illustrated & designed by John Bolton)
1602 Mini-series
     Part One, In which we are Introduced to some of our Featured Players
     Part Two, In which Attacks are launched, and evil Schemes are revealed
     Part Trhee, In which further Assaults lead to new Revelations
     Part Four, In Which Mush is Explained and Things Do Not Always Work Out for the Best
     Part Five, In Which a Treacherous Course is Plotted
     Part Six, Alarums and Excursions
Books Of Magic Mini-series
     Books Of Magic Miniseries # 1, The Invisible Labyrinth
     Books Of Magic Miniseries # 2, The Shadow World
     Books Of Magic Miniseries # 3, The Land Of Summer's Twilight
     Books Of Magic Miniseries # 4, The Road To Nowhere
Black Orchid Collection
     Black Orchid # 1, One Thing Is Certain...
     Black Orchid # 2, Going Down...
     Black Orchid # 3, Yes...