Enemies of Drizzt Do'Urden

Lloth, The Spider Queen
Lloth is the evil deity of the Drow. She can be seen as either a beautiful Drow female or as a huge spider. The whole of the Drow society is based around an endless struggle to please her and gain her favour and therefore advantage over other noble houses. She revels in the ensuing anarchy of constantly changing power bases and traiterous deeds commited by friend on friend. Those who displease Lloth are shown no mercy as justice is swift and metered out by her Priestesses and her will is the will of the Drow society and those who rule it. Lloth has her handmaidens - the Yochlol, to do her evil work for her as well as countless other minions. Lloth is indeed a formibable enemy and she will not rest until she has the still warm and dripping heart of Drizzt Do'Urden!

Artemis Entreri
Artemis Entreri is a man of shadows and instant death and is a master of his chosen profession. An assassin. No target is too hard to kill. No amount of protection will stop him eliminating his quarry. He dances a dance of death similar to Drizzt's but has a heart as cold and unfeeling as that of any of the Drow and those who cross him never do so twice. He is from the great southern city of Calimport in the province of Calimshan. Artemis Entreri's path crossed that of Drizzt when Regis stole a treasure of great value from Pasha Pook, the leader of the thieves guild in Calimport and Artemis was comissioned to retrieve it. After three long years he finally tracked Regis to Ten Towns and another of the friends adventures began but this time, death followed them silently in the form of Artemis Entreri.

Jarlaxle is the leader of the mercenary group known as Bregan D'Aerthe. He is a Drow male who is charming, charismatic and breaks all the accepted rules concerning males in the female dominated Drow culture. Yet he seems to be able to get away with it because of his powerful contacts within the city's ruling elite. Unlike other drow, he wears garments of exotic colours and flouts his differences openly. Bregan D'Aerthe itself is made up of houseless nobles and commoners who would otherwise be easy prey in the Underdark, yet as a group they are a force of some influence and power. Jarlaxle and Bregan D'Aerthe are somewhat of an unknown as their only allegiance is to whoever is paying them at the moment and both can only profit from any ensuing chaos.

Matron Malice
Matron Malice is the Matron Mother of House Do'Urden and Drizzt's natural mother. At no time does she show any maternal feelings for him other than when he can increase the standing of House Do'Urden in Menzoberranzan. When she finally discovers Drizzt's true feelings about the Drow she does all she can to kill him and save House Do'Urden from falling into disfavour with Lloth.

Briza Do'Urden
Briza is Matron Malice's oldest daughter and is unusually large for a Drow female. It is she who rules House Do'Urden on a day to day basis. She has a vile temper and is all too willing to use her Snake Whip for any indiscretion. When the time is right she will take control of house Do'Urden in the usual manner - by eliminating the ruling Matron Mother - Malice.

Vierna Do'Urden
Vierna Do'Urden was also fathered by Zaknafein and is Drizzt's older sister. He was placed in her keeping during the early years of his life as she was to instruct him in the true ways of the Drow and show him his proper place in life. Her devotion to Lloth is unquestioned and she is willing to sacrifice all she has to gain the favour of Lloth after her brother's traiterous deeds.

Dinin Do'Urden
Drizzt's older brother. Dinin kills his first born brother, Nalfein, on the night that Drizzt was born. This in turn saves Drizzt's life. When Drizzt realizes what an evil race his people are and runs into the Underdark to live, Dinin is sent to retrieve him. When Dinin finds Drizzt, however, he is so scared of what Drizzt has become that he never wants to fight him again. However, when his own sister Vierna has to hunt down Drizzt in order to restore the lost family honor, he is forced to fight him again. Only this time, not as himself, but as a drider.

Methil ( El Viddenvelp )
This nightmarish looking creature is a Illithid, more commonly known as a Mind Flayer. He has large white pupiless eyes but where you would normally find the nose and mouth there are what look like four tentacles used for feeding by sucking the brain out of victims. He is an associate of Matron Beanre and regularly helps her extract information - unknowingly - from the minds of friend and foe alike. This is because this race has some extraordinary mental powers, from simple mind reading to the more deadly Mind Blast, where victims are overcome with waves of mental nausea which leaves them helpless and paralyzed ready for feeding on. An invaluable ally to those hunting for Drizzt and a dangerous foe merely because of the variety and range of mental powers he has. No secret is safe where Methil is concerned as he will simply pluck it from your head.

Akar Kessell
The bumbling apprentice to Morkai the Red. After being tricked into killing Morkai, he was dumped into a big hole in the Icewind Dale. There he found the Crystal Shard, and with it's power he tried to take over Ten-Towns. He, with the power of the Shard, took over the goblins and giants of the Dale. He even persuaded the barbarians, which had been scattered after the war, to join him. When he linked up with Errtu, he thought that the world was his. He never expected Drizzt Do'Urden to be waiting though.

Errtu is a Tanar'ri Balor, a major Demon of the Abyss. He is a powerful demon who first came to blows with Drizzt after the discovery of Crenshinibon, an ancient artifact of incredible power. Errtu hoped that by using the power of Crenshinibon to greatly increase his own power over other creatures of the Abyss, he would gain enough power to establish a link to the Prime Material Plane. Unfortunately, the Crystal Shard fell into the hands of a bumbling Wizards apprentice, Akar Kessell, who hoped for vengence on those who had mocked him. Errtu was forced to endure the pain of servitude in the hope that he would gain the Crystal Shard. In the chaos that followed the Shard was lost and Errtu was banished to the Abyss for a hundred years. He now waits to avenge himself on the cause of this banishment - Drizzt Do'Urden.