Friends of Drizzt Do'Urden

Guenhwyvar is a creature of magic from the Astral Plane and her magic is bound to a seemingly indestructable Onyx figurine. She takes the form of a large black panther and is undoubtedly Drizzt's closest companion. The onyx figurine was originally the property of Masoj Hun'ett who had no regard for the way he used the magic. While she can't speak, it is clear that she dearly loves Drizzt and his comrades. Many are the times when Drizzt would have perished were it not for the intervention of his beloved Guenhwyvar and her fighting prowess. The magic that holds Guenhwyvar is powerful and can only be called forth from the figurine up to 3 times per week, for a total of 24 hours.

CattiBrie grew up amongst the tough Dwarves of Icewind Dale. As a young girl her parents were killed in a Goblin raid but this beautiful, auburn haired human female, was taken in by Clan Battlehammer and grew up as tough as the rocks that surrounded her. Cattie-Brie was the first occupant of Icewind Dale to warmly greet Drizzt when he was out on Kelvins Cairn. She, perhaps more than anyone who knows Drizzt, can understand the struggles he goes through in his daily attempt to find acceptance among those goodly races of the Realms who see no further than his skin colour. Cattie-Brie, under the tutelage of her friends, has become more than a match for any foe who wishes to oppose her and her great bow, Taulmaril the Heart Seeker.

Wulfgar, Son of Beornegar
As a young boy Wulfgar grew up among the fierce Barbarians of Icewind Dale but was captured by Bruenor in a barbarian raid on TenTowns. Instead of killing him as a prisoner, Bruenor made Wulfgar serve him and Clan Battlehammer for 5 years to pay for the sins of his people. Wulfgar served well and grew into the huge man of barbarian legends. He now wields Aegis Fang, the magical warhammer, made for him by Bruenor, his adopted father.

Bruenor Battlehammer
Bruenor Battlehammer grew up among the great halls of Mithril Mall but then watched as the halls were overun and sacked by the dragon Shimmergloom. Both his Father and his Father's Father were slain trying to defend the halls and the rest of Clan Battlehammer were forced to flee to save themselves. They eventually arrived in Icewind Dale and over the next two hundred years Bruenor guided them as their king. Bruenor is as true a friend as anyone could hope to have. He is a typical Dwarf. He loves the treasures of the earth and has enormous love for those he considers his friends and family but like other dwarves he likes nothing more than bashing Goblin skulls with his axe. A rock solid dwarf, who is actually the opposite. Under his hard skull is a caring brain, but you couldn't tell him that: he'd deny it to the grave. With his rock think stubbornness, he made sure that his adopted daughter, and his "adopted" son Wulfgar were brought up well.

Lady Alustriel
She becomes friends with Drizzt and envies his and Cattie-brie's lives. She is the controller of Silvermoon, though she wishes to get out in the fighting. She becomes great friends with Drizzt and helps him in any way she can.

"Mooshie" Montolio
This blind old man could shoot an arrow better that any with the help from his owl friend Hooter. He found Drizzt and helped him when the orcs attacked him. He took Drizzt under his wing and taught Drizzt all about the surface; its languages, its good and bad races, the names of the trees, and the names of the animals. He gave Drizzt a god to follow, Mielikki the name given to his heart.

Zaknafein Do'Urden
Zaknafein was Drizzt's father, and was the first of his friends. He taught Drizzt how, and when, to fight. He risked his own life so that Drizzt could go free.

Regis the Halfling ( Rumblebelly )
Regis, true to his race, prefers a life of peace, rest and vast quantities of food. He has a habit of "acquiring" items that aren't his to acquire and this in turn leads to his misfortune and one disaster after another. Regis grew up in Calimport among the dregs of society and became a very adept thief, even gaining membership of the local guild and gaining the confidence of Pasha Pook, the guild leader. His arrival in Ten Towns could only mean one thing - he's in trouble and running.

Belwar Dissengulp (Most Honored Burrow-Warden)
With his short frame and his eager for gems, this little guy is a svirfneblin. But he is not just any svirfneblin. Because of a drow raid, his arms were cut off, and he was kicked into the Underdark (by the drow). He was the only one of the miners that made it back. He was then given two powerful weapons to use as hands, a pickaxe on one, a hammer on the other (both engraved with spells to make them stronger. He took Drizzt in from out of the Underdark and into his own home. He taught Drizzt how to speak his language, and gave Drizzt something he truly needed at this time. Friendship.

Pechs are a small race that communicate with the earth better than any other race. This particular one, ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. A wizard by the name of Brister Fendlestick transformed this Pech into a hook horror. This is how Drizzt and Belwar met him. They almost killed Clacker, but then realized what he really was, and they tried to help him. They named him Clacker, because of the habit that he had of tapping on the rock to try and talk to it like he did when he was still a Pech. The transformation slowly tries to take over his mind, and ever so often, Clacker thinks he is a hook horror, and tries to attack Drizzt and Belwar. Thanks to Clacker's mind being so unorthodox, he was the key player in the escape of the three from the illithids. Clacker was killed by the spirit-wraith Zaknafein. Just before Clacker died, he changed back into a Pech and, his torment finally ended.