Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman was born in November 1960. He lives in an odd, rambling house of uncertain location, where he writes in a basement room filled with books and old armchairs. He has two cats, who are both quite mad, and two children, who are, to his occasional surprise, fairly sane, and a very nice wife. He has received a number of awards, and, while he no longer believes that being a grown-up is all it's cracked up to be, still enjoys staying up after his bed-time.

Neil Gaiman has had a varied writing career that has seen him move from award-winning comic writer to bestselling novelist. He is the author of Coraline and The Wolves in the Walls both published by Bloomsbury. Gaiman in the early 90s was the creator/writer of monthly cult DC Comics horror series Sandman which until its last issue # 75 was awarded numerous acolades and topped the comic bestsellers list. Sandman was also the first comic to ever receive a literary award. The collection has sold several million copies in hardback and paperback.

Gaiman's short stories, in prose and poetry have won a variety of Fantasy Horror awards including the International Horror Critics' Award for Best Collection which went to Troll Bridge in 1994. Gaiman has worked with a variety of people on a variety of projects including sharing authorship on adult titles with Terry Pratchett and being included on the singer Tori Amos's debut album. His body of work has appeared in translation in countries as diverse as Israel and Poland and he has won recognition overseas for both his comic writing and his novels. Gaiman has also successfully attracted attention from the film world and the film rights to his book Neverwhere have been bought by Jim Henson Productions with Gaiman at the helm for adapting it for the screen.


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