Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett is a British writer, born at April 28th 1948 and still isn't dead. More than that, he is very much alive! He appears to live in Somerset (England), together with his wife Lyn and their daughter Rhianne. He's a bee-keeper and in his free time he meddles with electronics. His career as a writer wasn't obvious, because Terry started as a typical hopeless case after the manner of 12 professions and 13 mishaps. He succeeded in avoiding all the really interesting jobs that writers have to look good in this kind of biographies. He is a real optimist and an epicure and besides that he also grows carnivore plants as a hobby (those are a lot more boring than most people think). In 1987 Terry found out that writing books in the crazy 'Discworld cycle' was much more fun than actually working. So that's what he's been doing since, with a great amount of success. His Fantasy novels one by one are bestsellers. Once in a while he also puts on paper fun stories for children, and at rare occasions he is even accused of producing Literature… In Great Britain Terry is the best selling (living) author at the moment, in the '90 he sold over 10,5 million books with over 1,25 million sold books every year.