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I'll be playing rock in a wheelchair. It's what I do for a living

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Get Off Of My Cloud
You have the sun...

Picture of Keith Richards by Anton Corbijn

This picture was taken by Anton Corbijn, the leading photographer of celebreties from the world of pop music, literature, movie and fashion. This picture of Keith Richards among others things, is published in his book Anton Corbijn STAR TRAK. In Star Trak are pics of David Bowie, U2, Bono in Berlin, Pavarotti, Brian Ferry, Depardieu, Kurt Cobain, Mick Jagger and many, many others.

Is he Waiting on a Friend? Keith In Werchter Belgium 1998
Werchter 1998
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Pictures of Keith Richards by (c)Fernando Aceves
Paintings of Keith Richards by various artists

Trev #1 or Trev #2

Keith by Sebastian Kruger

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Painting by Ron Wood
Keith - Bridges To Babylon - No Security Tour 1997-1999.
Keith in the Hague - Holland - 1998
Keith in the Hague - Holland - 1998

Picture by Jim Crowley
Keith in San Francisco
Keith - 40 Licks 2002.
Keith Richards when we were young.


To me, the main thing about living on this planet is to know who the hell you are and be real about it. That's the reason I'm still alive

I got news for you. We're still a bunch of tough bastards. String us up and we still won't die

Ronnie's a great mixture of talent and bullshit

God forbid they should ever get around to making a Stones movie! I certainly wouldn't want to watch it. I hope I'm dead and gone by then. Never mind Mick and I. Who'd play Charlie?

Five strings, three notes, two fingers, an asshole, and you've got it!

Rock and roll - it's like a heart machine, it's gotta' go up and down - otherwise, you're dead, you know