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The "Must-Have" for every KN2600 and KN7000 owner*

Managing the songs on your SD Card, using the keyboard, is very time consuming. While loading a song is relatively fast, compared with diskettes, the saving takes much time. So moving or copying a song from one folder to another takes too much time. And renaming a Song is also tedious and slow. Imagine the time you spend on re-arranging an SD card in such a way. Therefore we have developed a powerful, yet easy to use tool. Who doesn't know how Windows Explorer works? Almost everybody knows. Our tool behaves exactly like Explorer, can be started as application like Explorer, but is also integrated in Explorer. This means that everybody is able to use our tool on the fly.
Watch the series of screenshots or read the Specifications to get a better idea about the tool!

Read what our beta testers think about the tool!

And then you can download and install the demo version of the tool by clicking the link. With the demo version you can try it yourself for a short while.

To help you any further, if the specifications info below, the screenshots or the help of the KN-SDExplorer tool still left some questions, we have started an "FAQ" page and also a "TUTORIAL / TIPS & TRICKS" page

Note: Until further notice we have to make the statement that our tool is only compatible for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. We are busy making the tool Win98 and Windows ME compatible and are making much progress!. However it is not available yet. A little more patience is required for this version.

We expect you will have become so enthusiastic that you like to register for the modest fee. Just fill out the Registration data and then purchase the tool by pressing the "buy now" button.

Het bewerken van je songs op een SD card in het keyboard gaat zeer traag en kost veel werk. Het laden van een song gaat in verhouding met diskettes een stuk sneller, maar het opslaan daarentegen kost heel veel tijd. Het verplaatsen of kopiëren van een song van de ene folder naar een andere is een tijdrovende klus, waarbij je gemakkelijk fouten maakt. Ook het hernoemen van een song kost veel tijd en moeite. Laat staan als je een SD kaartje wilt re-arrangeren. Daarom hebben we een krachtige, maar eenvoudig te gebruiken tool.
Wie kent niet Windows Verkenner? Welnu, onze tool heeft hetzelfde gedrag. Het is te starten zoals Wiindows Verkenner, maar is tevens geintregeerd met Verkenner via het menu wat met klikken van rechtermuisknop wordt verkregen. Daarom kan iedereen zo met onze tool aan de slag.
Bekijk de screenshots of lees eerst de specificaties om alvast een beter idee te krijgen van wat de tool biedt.

Vervolgens kunt u een demo versie van de tool downloaden en installeren. Deze demo versie biedt een korte tijd de volledige functionaliteit. Zodra de demotijd is verstreken wordt u verzocht te registreren.

We zijn een FAQ site gestart om eventuele veelgestelde vragen te kunnen beantwoorden. Deze FAQ lijst wordt uitgebried naarmate er meer vragen veelvuldig binnenkomen.

NB: Tot nader orde kunnen we alleen stellen dat de tool compatibel is met Windows 2000 en Windows XP. We hebben geen PC met oudere Windowsversie (98, ME) om op te kunnen testen debuggen. Maar we doen er alles aan om het te bekijken. En wellicht kan ik van een vriend een PC lenen. Maar dit is een stevige klus, dus enig geduld is noodzakelijk.

We gaan ervan uit dat u dan zo enthousiast geraakt bent, dat u gaarne bereid bent de tool te registreren. Zend daarvoor hieronder uw registratiegegevens en betaal door de "Buy Now" te klikken. Zodra uw betaling binnen is krijgt u zo spoedig mogelijk, binnen een dag, uw licentie toegestuurd.

Send your KN-SDExplorer registration details and complete registration on the page that follows, by making the payment. We have set the price modestly to €44.95:

In case that you already registered but in the next step could not complete the registration via PayPal, I have created another button here. So then you can retry purchasing without re-registering. Maybe also some of your problems are gone then, as I hope!

(voor Nederlandse klanten hebben we een bankrekening waarop de betaling overgemaakt kan worden. Stuur even een email voor de gegevens)


Testimonial 1

As a proud beta-tester of SDExplorer I'm pleased to see the publication of this nice program. SDExplorer is a must for all Technics KN7000 owners who use the SD-Card with the KN7000 and/or KN2600 keyboard. SDExplorer is just as easy to use as Windows Explorer, with copy/paste files, drag files, sort files, make new folders, delete folders, etc.
The "info file" KN7000/KN2600 uses is updated live, and the SD-Card is ready to use when you put it into your KN7000. Any SD-Card writer connected to your PC will work. This is what you have waited for.

Kenneth Gundersen,

Testimonial 2

SDExplorer - a really superb piece of software that is a pleasure to use.
This software has simplified the creation of new SD cards and transferring data between other cards. If you can manipulate data in Microsoft then you will have no trouble using this tool.
The SD-Card is ready to use when you put it into your KN7000. Any SD-Card writer connected to your PC will work. This software is what we have been waiting for.

Working on my PC I had three sources of data to copy/amalgamate - one folder on my PC and two separate SD cards in different USB ports and moved/copied them around in Windows.
I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Joan Banfield

Testimonial 3

I have owned every sxKN from the 800 to our great sxKN7000. All the great sounds and features make this the greatest ever. The SC card also has helped me in my performance because I use it professionally. I have purchased more cards than Joans and have been frustrated over the problems of "file management. There are so many things we can't do with Windows Explorer. My pleasant surprise is that I have been able to (1) RENAME (2) MOVE & COPY (3) BACKUP/RESTORE (3) IMPORT/EXPORT (4) SORT and last, and not least generate the index and print it of my song list in a nice rtf layout. My SD cards are at last let me organized the way I need them and this program is the answer to my prayers. I have no problem recommending that all the proud owners of the greatest Synth in the world, get this program.

Dewey Hodgkinson

So why not register?

Specifications of the KN-SD-Explorer Application.


Windows PC with an SD-Card reader. This can be any model. The application can even be used without card reader, since backup and restore can also be done to the SD card in the KN keyboard and to the hard disk on the PC. However the performance of backup/restore to the SD card in the keyboard is very slow. And because simple card readers are very cheap (got mine for less than $10) a card reader is highly recommended. In the further information the use of a Card reader is even assumed.


As the name of the application already indicated, the KN-SD-Explorer tool behaves very much like the Windows explorer. The difference is that in the KN-SD-Explorer the songs are treated/managed as files and the folders as directories. The only difference between a song in KN-SD-Explorer and a file in Windows Explorer is that songs have a number. Therefore we have two ways of removing a song in a folder: Erase (song position is cleared) and Delete (like file delete: song and its song position are deleted). The application is interfaced/integrated in Windows Explorer: Right mouse button click (RMC) on any directory of a Technics tree (PRIVATE\TECHNICS\KN7000…) opens KN-SD-Explorer in the same way as starting Explorer via RMC on the Windows Start button.
Also the option is given to backup the song tree to an SDB file. The same RMC action on a backup (sdb-)file gives the possibility to restore that backup, to SD Card, hard disk, USB stick, whatever. The backup- and restore functionality is the same as in Technics Songmanager. However the Merge function is not present in KN-SD-Explorer, because a much better functionality is in the tool: selective merging.


Renaming Songs and Folders: just as simple as renaming a single file or directory. Renaming a Song in KN-SD-Explorer results in automatically renaming all files, which belong to the Song.

Moving and Copying Songs: again like Windows Explorer Songs can be moved from one Folder to another using drag and drop technique, the CTRL-C/CTRL-V shortcuts or the Copy, Move and Paste functions from the menu.
Multiple Songs can be selected and moved or copied. Adding songs to a full folder (20 Songs) or directories to full card (99 Folders) is prohibited of course.

Backup/Restore: The same Backup/Restore functionality as in the Song Manager software, that came with your keyboard. However, you don't need that tool anymore, since all functionality is integrated in our tool.

Selective Merging!: The Song Manager tool has a Merge functionality to combine two backups (sdb-files) to one. The Selective Merging of KN-SD-Explorer is howevermuch more flexible and powerful.
Suppose you have some folders and songs on your SD Card and you want to add certain folders/songs from an sdb file to your SD Card, just restore the sdb-file on your hard disk, then open a KN-SD-Explorer instance for it (RMC on the PRIVATE, TECHNICS or KN7000 directory), do the same for your SD card. Now you have two KN-SD-Explorer windows; the title bar shows which song tree each KN-SD-Explorer holds. Now you can move Folders and/or Songs from one SD-Explorer window to the other. So you can move Songs from SD Card to Hard disk and vice versa.

Import/Export of Songs and Folders: You can also copy songs from Windows Explorer into KN-SD-Explorer and vice versa. This is called importing and exporting. This is very handy. For example a fast way to import songs from internet, like the KESO site, is as follows:
On the KESO site each songs is compressed to a zip file. Open the file instead of download. Now the contents of the zip-file is shown in the WinZip tool (or any other like Winrar). Select the song file in the zipfile and drag them to a folder in KN-SD-Explorer. The song is now presented in the tool like the other songs and can be managed accordingly.To give you an idea of the power of the tool: in approx. 15 minutes I can download and import 20 songs on the SD Card. Compare with your conventional way: download and unzip the songs on one or more diskettes and load and save them one by one in the keyboard. How much time does that take you?

Sorting Songs and Folders alphabetically: Not much to say about this. Like in Windows Explorer you can sort songs in a folder and folder in the tree.

Generate SD Card index: From SD-Explorer you can export an index of your folder and song structure in either .txt or .rtf format.

Find songs: In the find dialog you enter part of a song name and some song data types. SD-Explore will find any songs that match on the SD Card.

Any financial support for developing is welcome!. We like to be able to develop a second release, but this first release already took hundreds of developing and testing hours.

any financial support for developing is welcome!