On this page I want to create a place for my art.


Peace Pipe

This Pipe I made to honor my Totem Animal. 

As you can see it's the EAGLE!

It's totaly out of wood so it's only for decoration. 

You can smoke it but I guess it will be only ones. haha.

The feathers are Buzzard feathers, but on the stem are real Bald Eagle feathers.

The wooden piece it's hanging on is Pollard Willow.

I think a Willow is very mystic and you can find pieces which fell off in all kinds of shape 

and it's up to you what you see in it.

Working with wood can be very inspiring and spiritual.


Bear Medicine

 This is a Medicine Shield made of leather and painted with oil paint.

I made this after I've seen the movie Brother Bear which is a real great movie.

There are a lot of lessons about life in it and anyone can learn about his/her own life

just by watching it.


Moonglow Sunset


This painting is a scenery of a Native American thanking the Great Spirit for a Blessed day.

After his prayer he plays, and thinks of the beauty nature has to offer, if you just wanne see it.

The original is an airbrush art of DL Valdes. It inspired me soo much I decided to make an oil painting of it.

I just discovered working with oil paint and I must say it's a wonderful tool for creating.



Feather Earrings


These earrings I made out of wood.

 It's not that difficult to make but they are not easy to handle and small so you have to be careful they don't break.

 Another thing is you have to be careful not to cut detail away. 

There's one thing about wood, it mostly gives you one chance to create.

 If something breaks you can start all over again.

These I made for my wife. The necklace is also in the shape of a feather but it's a bit bigger as you can see. 

Things could be decorated with small feathers but I liked these just being natural.






Some of my pencil drawings

I love to draw, mostly animals but now and then I dare to draw a person


Horse Spirit

Mitch (our great dog)


Floyd Westerman

(Ten Bears in Dances With Wolves)

Graham Greene

(Kicking Bird in Dances With Wolves)

Rodney A Grant

(Wind In His Hair in Dances With Wolves)

The real Timon

Ride Like The Wind


Whoopy (our cat)

White Fang

Brother Crow









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