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 "I've always wanted to see the frontier,"

says U.S. army lieutenant and Civil War veteran John Dunbar, "before it's gone." DANCES WITH WOLVES is a beautiful, moving film about the closing of the American frontier and all that disappeared with it.
Dunbar (Kevin Costner) is granted his wish when he is sent to tiny, ramshackle Ft. Sedgwick. Alone in the middle of the prairie, his first visitor is a curious wolf he names Two Socks, who is both a bridge to the untamed nature that Dunbar seeks to explore and a metaphor for Dunbar himself -- he's not a conquering white man, just an inquisitive one. So it's fitting that the Sioux tribe he befriends bestows him with the name Dances With Wolves after watching him run and play with Two Socks.
Dunbar's initial encounters with the Sioux show him that they're very like him -- the warrior Wind In His Hair (Rodney A. Grant) is all bravado at first, yelling at Dunbar that he's not afraid of him; the holy man Kicking Bird (Graham Greene) is thoughtful, genuinely interested in communicating with this strange stranger. Indeed,
DANCES WITH WOLVES is notable for its unstereotypical, realistic depiction of Indians as human beings, people who are sometimes gentle, sometimes savage, and always worthy of respect, just like the rest of us. Dunbar finds another bridge to the new world he is looking for in Stands With A Fist (Mary McDonnell), a white woman adopted as a girl by the Sioux after her family was massacred by Pawnee. His leaving behind of his old life is marked twice in a single moment: His realization that he loves Stands With A Fist occurs simultaneously with Two Socks daring to eat from his hand for the first time.
Dunbar embodies all the best qualities that exemplify America: self-reliance, intelligence, a thirst for exploration, respect for nature, and innate friendliness. When Dunbar rides out alone, in full dress uniform and bearing the Stars and Stripes, to formally introduce himself to his Sioux neighbors, it's an astounding demonstration of the best kind of American audacity. But contrast that with the arrival of more U.S. soldiers at Fort Sedgwick, long abandoned by Dunbar, bringing with them the worst of America: small-minded cruelty. When these troops set out after the "traitorous" Dunbar and his adoptive Sioux friends, the flag they bear represents only violence and revenge.
DANCES WITH WOLVES is one of the most visually and emotionally stunning movies I've ever seen, a glimmer of another world where less might have been lost if more people had been as open and friendly as John Dunbar. From John Barry's stirring score -- I swear I can hear the prairie grass blowing in the wind in the music -- to director/producer Costner's daring presentation of a huge chunk of the movie in the beautiful Sioux Lakota language (with subtitles), this is a majestic requiem for a world that is gone.

         --MaryAnn Johanson




Proud people of the SIOUX


and Now


Lieutenant John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) at his post

To my opinion here starts the best part of the movie.

It's just great to see how they first meet and react.


Kicking Bird (Graham Greene)

He was the first indian John Dunbar met when

he came to Fort Sedgewick.

Wanne find out more about the man behind this great actor?

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Wind In His Hair (Rodney A. Grant)

At first Wind In His Hair wasn't very fond of John Dunbar.

Later when they both learned to know each other

they became great friends.

Rodney A. Grant

A Great man and actor

Wanne know more about him,

find out and click here:


Wind In His Hair and Kicking Bird

First moment they really try to communicate. Here you see Kicking Bird

understand what John Dunbar is trying to say.

A big head with horns can only mean one thing.......!





Almost ready for the hunt. These days you don't see these beautiful

animals in freedom. The only time an indian killed a buffalo was when he

needed food for his family. He never killed more then he needed

because he respects all living things.


The Wedding

See how wonderful "Stands With A Fist "is dressed.

She (Mary McDonnell) played a very convinced role

as John Dunbar's wife.

A very touchy moment in the movie.



Saying goodbye to a friend is never easy

especially when you both came that far and

had no choice but leaving.


Leaving the people they love.

The movie has a sad ending. But in a way it's a good ending

because NOW many people started thinking about how the

American Indian has been treated for such a long time.







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 Lt. John  J.  Dunbar   Kevin Costner      


   Stands With A Fist    Mary McDonnell


      Wind In His Hair       Rodney A. Grant


                  Kicking Bird      Graham Greene (II)


                                    Smiles A Lot      Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse


             Black Shawl     Tantoo Cardinal


                                       Ten Bears      Floyd Red Crow Westerman


                 Stone Calf      Jimmy Herman


                       Pretty Shield      Doris Leader Charge


       Teamster Timmons      Robert Pastorelli


                      Wes Studi    Toughest Pawnee


                           2 Socks    Teddy and Buck






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