I am the eagle


I live in high country

in rocky cathedrals

that reach to the sky


And all those who see me

and all who believe in me

share in the freedom

I feel when I fly

Come dance with the west wind

and touch all the mountain tops

sail over the canyons

and up to the stars

and reach for the heavens

and hope for the future

and all that we can be

and not what we are

John Denver

(an Eagle forever)




Some info about Eagles

Different bird books dispute whether or not

the bald eagle is larger than the golden eagle,

but regardless they are both large raptors.

In this species the guys must tip their hats to the ladies,

for the female eagles are the largest at around six kilograms,

a metre tall with two-metre-plus wing spans.

The males weigh in at 3.5 to 4.5 kilograms.

Bald eagles have been known to live over 40 years.

Their white plumage slowly forms over the first five years,

making identification difficult.

It's easy to confuse immature birds with golden eagles.

Bald eagles are lazy hunters,

preferring carrion and often gorging themselves

to the point that liftoff is impossible.

They have also been known to harass other predators

and birds of prey until they abandon their kill,

which opportunist eagles steal for supper.

They are actually capable of spotting food over a kilometre away.

The bald eagles' nests are built onto year after year,

with some structures so large that they topple under the weight.

One such nest studied, weighed 1,980 kilograms

and measured 6.5 metres deep and over a metre wide.



every Bald Eagle's dream.......




soaring and searching



perfect view




almost in your livingroom






Words can not express.........



Heavenly Flight





pure honesty











Let your mind soar away.........






Seeing all these wonderful pics you know why every

Native American  respects this bird

so much.

Like we all should

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