I'm glad you took a moment to meet us.



We are a happy family of 4 , living in Holland

which is in Western Europe.

We enjoy our walks in the woods or just spending

time together in the outdoors.

Together with our dog Mitch it's a lot of fun

being there and learn and admire whatever

crosses our path.



Now let me introduce my family to ya!!!



First there is our eldest daughter.




She is 17 years old and loves to listen to music .

She also likes our walks in the woods.

During those walks she wants to know everything about

the beauty we find out there. She's a real nature lover

just like me.


this is how she looks now




This little girl is our youngest.

She is 14 years old and loves to listen to

Native American music and collects anything that

involves horses.

One day I want a horse of my own she always says.


this is how she looks now



Now I wanne Introduce my beautiful wife to ya:



Her name is Willeke and she's 43 years old.

She's traveling her path finding

the true meaning of life.

She likes to read about spiritual things

and listen to inspiring and also Native American music.

Like we all do



and finally


Yep, this happens to be me.

I'm 44 years old

As you have noticed  we are into the Native American way

of thinking. We don't try to  be them.

Every person is unique.


As I told ya on my opening page,

WE think the Native American way has

 so much lessons of life in it anyone can find

something for his/her own purpose.

Their respect for nature and all that lives on this planet

and knowing it is all created for us is an example to everyone.

We should be thankful and enjoy the beauty on this earth.

People ask for miracles to happen every day, but if ya take a

close look:





Don't just look for big things when

ya can find them in small ones





A true meant prayer does miracles


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