John Eaglespirit Campbell



This man is John Eaglespirit Campbell, a Cherokee Elder and a very wise man.

 I am very proud I received an email one day in where he told me that he liked my site very much.

The content of the site was the reason for his letter so you can imagine that it means to world to me when a

famous Cherokee Elder writes you this.


He's a board of directors member for the American Indian Genocide Museum and he's involved in so much more.

You can read his wise spoken words on many sites, books, magazines, papers etc....

 I will write his words here, so all can read what this special man has to say.







Here you can read things he wrote and touch the heart in many ways:









"Weapons of mass destruction"

Today the world talks about weapons of mass destruction..., In every land
leaders of the people are concerned... Indian People remain unshaken,
because they can tell stories of mass dcstruction and speak from
experience...From the time our ancestors first saw the new faces arrive on
this land, as they tried to welcome and teach the visitors there was a
weapon of mass destruction placed in the midst of our people in the form
of a peaceful union.. This weapon had no metal casing, only a flat paper,
fueled by lies, and ignited by the movement of u feather quill...This
weapon which continually contained the smooth words which could be
translated to say anything the writer wanted was to become known as a
"Treaty"...Each time we believed what was said and many of our people
died, old men, women and our children...the land that had furnished our
needs was now being slowly and painfully taken to satisfy the greed in men
with no heart...The paper, when displaying the signature of a ruthless man
that was suppossed to a leader, this paper became a weapon to steal our
!and, to push our people further away from the home they knew, strip us of
our identity, change our very existence until that existence is thought to
be smothered.. .Treaty? a trcaty is an agreement between two parties that
has benefit for both and has been willingly signed, not forced, and most of
all there is honor to be felt in the agreement... Many were signed, each
broken, where was and where is the concern from leaders about our
people who are still haunted by a cloud of deception that continues to
hover around us.....

By John Eaglespirit Campbell

Education is very important

so is the past .....

as part of the future


John dancing with the children at school







A man of words and deeds

more to come....