GET BACK (glyn john's compilation)            




John Barret also had a copy of the final Get Back mix made by Glyn Johns, in super sound. The Bootleggers who got hold of this cassette realised they stroke gold, and released it. One of them was Vigotone wich you can find on this very page!

1 The One After 909 Lennon-McCartney  
2 Rocker Lennon-McCartney  
3 Save The Last Dance    
4 Don't Let Me Down Lennon-McCartney  
5 Dig A Pony Lennon-McCartney  
6 I've Got A Feeling Lennon-McCartney  
7 Get Back Lennon-McCartney  
8 Let It Be Lennon-McCartney  
9 For You Blue Harrison  
10 Two Of Us Lennon-McCartney  
11 Maggie May Traditional  
12 Dig It Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starr  
13 Long And Winding Road Lennon-McCartney  
14 I Me Mine Harrison  
15 Across The Universe Lennon-McCartney  
  Bonus Tracks:    
16 Teddy Boy McCartney  
17 Teddy Boy McCartney


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