Birthday  records is a Germany based bootleg company, and has over 50 titles in its cattalogue. One of these is this "Beatles in Holland". You don't need this one for the sound quality, it's not that good, and you don't need it for the concerts, you can hardly hear the Beatles, all the Dutch fans over - sing them. For Historians, and completists, it is a must! . There is a lot of radio coverage, and T.v. coverage on it. There's just one but: Most of it is in the Dutch language.

1.   The Beatles arrive at Schiphol.


2.   Press conference at Schiphol Airport


3.   VARA TV in the foyer of Treslong hall,Hillegom


4.   VARA TV Treslong hall,Hillegom


5.   Radio coverage (evening concert) VARA "Balans" Hilversum1


6.   Radio coverage (afternoon concert) KRO "Echo"


7.   Afternoon concert at auction hall "op hoop van zegen" Blokker


8.   I saw her standing there  (TV recording)


9.   I want to hold your hand  (TV recording)


10. All my loving (PA recording).


11. She loves you (TV recording)


12. Polygoon Cinema Newsreel  june 12th 1964


13. VARA TV coverage Beatles in Holland 210764


14. Twist & Shout from the documentary LP "Onze jaren '45-'70


15. VARA radio Hilversum 2 ,25th anniversary , june 3rd 1989