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Paul Adds More Stops to Make Tour a Trip;
Kick-off Set for April 1st At the Oakland Arena
Paul McCartney today announced dates for DRIVING USA, a two-month concert
tour of America and his first in almost 10 years. Due to an overwhelming
response from fans, promoters and venue representatives, McCartney is
extending Driving USA, which was originally slated for 12 performances
before a series of European dates in May, to 20 performances in 19 North
American cities. Further international dates are currently being considered.
DRIVING USA will open on April 1st at the Oakland Arena in Oakland,
California, and will run through to May 18th at the National Car Rental
Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. DRIVING USA will also motor through New
York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, Cleveland,
Detroit, Denver, Dallas and other stops. The tour will include a performance
north of the border at the Air Canada Center in Toronto and a two-night
stand at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Tickets for the DRIVING USA will go
on-sale beginning on March 4th, with additional on-sale dates set for the
weekend of March 9th (see list below).
A spokesman for the tour's USA promoters said today, "There has been such
overwhelming excitement from all over the States to see Paul play we felt it
was fairer to the fans to ask him to extend the DRIVING USA schedule. Now
much more of America will get the chance to see what is set to be one of the
rock & roll events of all time."
"I'm chuffed to be asked to stay longer on the road," said Paul. "Hopefully
this will make the tour more of a trip."
Joining Paul on stage will be guitarist Rusty Anderson and drummer Abe
Laboriel, Jr. - who were featured on the recording of McCartney's recent
album Driving Rain. Wix newcomer Brian Ray will play guitar and bass when
necessary. While details surrounding the song selection are still under
wraps, McCartney is expected to perform songs from his recently released
album entitled, "Driving Rain," as well as music from The Beatles, Wings and
his solo career.
April 1  Oakland      The Oakland Arena    OnSale 3/10
April 3  San Jose     The San Jose Arena   OnSale 3/10
April 5,6     Las Vegas    MGM Grand       OnSale 3/4
April 10 Chicago      The United Center    OnSale 3/9
April 13 Toronto      Air Canada Center    OnSale 3/9
April 16 Philadelphia First Union Center   OnSale 3/9
April 17 Rutherford   Continental Arena    OnSale 3/11
April 19 Boston  Fleet Center    OnSale 3/9
April 23 Washington   MCI Center      OnSale 3/9
April 26 New York     Madison Square Garden     OnSale 3/11
April 29 Cleveland    Gund Arena      OnSale 3/16
May 1    Detroit      Palace at Auburn Hills    OnSale 3/11
May 4    Los Angeles  The Staples Center   OnSale 3/24
May 5    Anaheim      The Pond   OnSale 3/23
May 7    Denver  Pepsi Arena     OnSale 3/23
May 9    Dallas  Reunion Arena   OnSale 3/16
May 12   Atlanta      Phillips Arena  OnSale 3/23
May 15   Tampa   Ice Palace      OnSale 3/16
May 18   Ft. Lauderdale    National Center      OnSale 3/23
Rogers & Cowan
Paul Freundlich, 212/373-6025
Geoff Baker, 011 44 1380 860 169




Harrison recorded a secret last album


A LAST album of George Harrison’s music was being finished in secrecy in the months before his death. He played tracks from the CD to his family and friends in his private room at a Los Angeles hospital last Sunday, four days before he died.
His wife Olivia and son Dhani seem certain to release the CD as a tribute to Harrison’s courage in the face of the cancer that killed him at the age of 58. It could repeat the success of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Double Fantasy album, which sold millions of copies in the international outpouring of grief that followed Lennon’s murder in New York in 1980.
Harrison had given the album the working title of Portrait of a Leg End, a pun on his celebrity. Unlike his last song, Horse to Water, recorded in Switzerland for a new Jools Holland CD and released with a poignant publishing credit to Rip Ltd, the songs on his own CD do not allude to his illness.
One of the tracks, Rising Son, is an ambiguous reference to Harrison’s interest in Far Eastern religions and philosophy and also to Dhani’s emergence as a gifted guitarist in his father’s footsteps.
Harrison was completing work on 25 unreleased tracks in a studio at his Friar Park mansion at Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. A few tracks date to the 1980s and others are new. Some allude to traumatic personal events, including the attempt on his life by an intruder who broke into the mansion in December 1999 and stabbed him.
The tracks were part of a concerted effort by Harrison in his final months to put his musical legacy in order: he remastered and re-released All Things Must Pass, his 1970 hit album, earlier this year and was planning to reissue other albums as well as to complete his new music.
Jim Keltner, the world’s most in-demand session drummer, who has recorded with Harrison, Lennon, Ringo Starr and Bob Dylan, flew from his home in California to Friar Park to add drums to the tracks that Harrison and other musicians, believed to include Eric Clapton, had recorded.
Keltner, who last played with Harrison in the Traveling Wilburys supergroup in the 1980s but still saw him regularly as a friend, said this weekend: “It was fantastic to be in the studio with him again. Some of the new songs are very poignant concerning his life in the past few years. It will be obvious when you hear them what they are about.
“The CD is very close to finishing. There is a certain soulfulness about George’s music that doesn’t need a lot once he has put that voice on.
“There will be people who argue that it is underproduced and maybe there should be more on it. Knowing George, I have a feeling he would rather it be as simple and as direct as possible.”
He added: “I last saw him on Sunday night. It was a great gift to us that he was so beautiful. He looked fantastic. He looked like a prince. He didn’t look like a person suffering from cancer. His skin was shining and he was smiling.”
Keith Badman, a Beatles authority whose latest book on the group, The Dream is Over, was published last month, said: “The recording of the new album was shrouded in secrecy, but George had planned to bring it out this October before he fell ill again.”
Harrison was cremated in Los Angeles within a few hours of his death on Thursday and before the news was released. Friends expect his ashes to be spread on the Ganges or another holy river in India.




october 31,2001

The first run of "Driving Rain" both in the U.S. and UK will have the
original booklet and inlay cards without any mention of "Freedom," but
the song will be identified on the package by a sticker. The discs will
all have the song. It was too late to reprint the booklets and get the CD
out on time, he says, for its Nov. 13th release date. Future runs will
include updated booklets and artwork that will reflect the added track.
About the single: In the UK, on Nov. 5, EMI will release a "CD-2" of
"From a Lover to a Friend." The track listing will be as follows: 1)
"Freedom"; 2) "From a Lover to a Friend" 3) "From a Lover to a Friend"
(David Kahne remix #2). "Freedom" is actually identified as "Freedom
(studio mix)". For the American single, "From a Lover to a Friend" has
been scrapped. The replacement will have "Freedom" (studio mix), as in
the UK, "From a Lover to a Friend" and a third track. Release for the
U.S. single has not been firmed up. Also, the cover of the promotional
single for "Freedom," that safety pin is the American flag badge that
Paul's been wearing lately. You can hear "Freedom" at Paul's Capitol



sept.22 2001


  Paul McCartney is to stage a ebenfit concert in New York next month in aid of the city's firefighters.  Paul, who has been in New York since The World Trade Center disaster, announced the benefit show today (Friday) on New York's WPLJ radio station. Said Paul: "I was here in New York when the disaster happened. I was actually on a plane, on the tarmac, when the pilot said it's all been closed down. I've been here in New York ever since and, in a way, I was pleased to be here to witness all the heroism. "At the time of the disaster I was flying home in order to plan a concert that I was going to do in Russia, in Red Square in October. That doesn't seem appropriate now, so I've postponed it. "But what I am going to do is to do a concert here in New York within the next month to benefit all the firemen. I have a connection there, my father was a fireman in Liverpool during World War Two. Anyway, we are looking at venues in New York now to do this benefit concert next month".Paul added: "I'd also just like to take a second to say to all the people of New York - God bless everyone and good luck to us all, and my thanks to all the heroes and heroines who've been helping with the situation". During World War Two, Paul's father Jim McCartney was a volunteer fireman in Liverpool. Between August 1940 and January 1942, Liverpool endured 68 air-raids, which killed or injured more than 4,500 of the population and destroyed more that 10,000 homes in the city.  



september 16,2001

Lost Beatles TV Show Recording Given to the BBC

LONDON (Reuters) - A lost 1960s audio recording of The Beatles playfully reviewing rock and roll singles and chatting about Elvis Presley on a television program has been presented to the British Broadcasting Corporation.
The recording of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison speaking on a December 1963 broadcast of the BBC's ''Juke Box Jury'' was made by a viewer using reel-to-reel tape, the broadcaster said on Sunday.
A BBC spokeswoman said the tape was not of broadcast quality, but was ``marvelous to have.'' The BBC said it would try to match the recording with a silent film of the same program from its archives.
On the show, which featured a panel of guests who picked pop songs as either ``hits'' or ``misses,'' the Beatles reviewed new singles by artists including the Swinging Blue Jeans and their early hero, Elvis Presley.
``I love his voice and I love all the records like 'Blue Suede Shoes', but I don't like the songs now,'' Paul McCartney sniffed at Elvis's ``Kiss Me Quick'' on the tape.
A young George Harrison added: ``Elvis is great but the songs are not for me.''
But the ``Fab Four'' correctly predicted the song would be a chart hit.
John Lennon was upbeat about ``I Could Write A Book'' by The Chance: ``It's right good that one, it's the bestest gear, that's the sound boys,'' he said through the screams of fans, who drowned out the world's biggest pop band through much of the recording.
But both song and band failed to make a mark on the charts.
The BBC, which recorded few early broadcasts of ``Juke Box Jury,'' has appealed to those who might have captured early broadcasts on tape to rummage through their attics.
The Beatles, who made several appearances on BBC radio and television in the early years of their career, released a collection of many of their live performances on their 1994 album ``Live At The BBC.''


8/10/01 Klaus Voormann, in an interview this week with William Hageman of the Chicago Tribune, said this about a recent meeting with George. "We met up and had a great afternoon. He had had the treatment and everything was fine. This dangerous thing was gone. And that's the last I know."


May 3, 2001

LONDON, England -- Former Beatle George Harrison has undergone surgery for cancer in the United States, his solicitors have said.

The 58-year-old star had surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to remove a cancerous growth from one of his lungs and is reported to be relaxing in Tuscany, Italy.

The operation had been completely successful and he has made an excellent recovery, his solicitors said in a statement.


March 9th 2001

McCartney Spreads His Wings With New Releases


Sir Paul McCartney has revealed exclusively to Billboard details of several

upcoming projects. The former Beatles and Wings star is working on a new solo

album for MPL/Capitol, which he is producing with David Kahne. With a

possible release by year's end, the album will include a hymn-like homage to

McCartney's late wife, Linda.

Meanwhile, as previously reported, the two-disc Wings anthology "Wingspan"

will be released May 8 on MPL/Capitol, accompanied by a TV special of the

same name directed by McCartney's 31-year-old daughter Mary, to air on ABC in

the U.S.

"The priority has been the album, and then one or two funky mixes that we're

doing for radio," McCartney tells Billboard editor in chief Timothy White.

"There are songs on there that strictly speaking aren't Wings. We've

stretched the envelope ... I always like value for money. You get all this

music -- over two and a half hours of it -- for the price of one CD."


One disc is titled "Hits"; it features 19 tracks such as "Band On The Run,"

"Live And Let Die," and "Silly Love Songs." The other, "History," has 22

tracks, including album cuts "Tug Of War" and "Let Me Roll It," and a new mix

of "No More Lonely Nights."

Finally, a boxed set devoted to Wings will be out by the holidays on

MPL/Capitol, with a wealth of rarities, studio outtakes, and previously

unissued, early live tracks.

Meanwhile, McCartney is still enjoying the success of the Beatles compilation

"1," which has sold 23 million units worldwide, according to Capitol. "It's

fantastic, lovely. I took the time over Christmas to listen to it, and I

really like it. I thought, 'Shit, this is good.'"

Reflecting on the current music climate, he adds that he takes pride in the

fact that the Beatles championed "peace, love, and human values" over

"avarice and hatred." He says, "When you think about it, John did 'Give Peace

A Chance'; George was doing a thing against the 'Taxman.' Well... we were

very courageous people."


febr.6th 2001

The long awaited Paul McCartney and Wings anthology, Wingspan, will be released in May on EMI Records. A documentary on the '70s supergroup will air around the same time. Sources close to the project say it will be a two CD box set and is expected to contain classic Wings songs such as Live And Let Die and My Love.

The documentary has been made by McCartney's daughter, Mary and her husband, Allaster Donald. The documentary shows how McCartney and his late wife formed the group after the Beatles split in 1970 and features them in concert and in the studio. McCartney's wife Linda died of breast cancer in 1998.



McCartney, Lennon Nominated for Grammy

01/06/01: Lennon and McCartney have been nominated for a Grammy, although not as a songwriting team or as the performers of a best pop duo. In fact, they are nominated in two completely separate categories. John Lennon's Gimme Some truth: The making of John Lennon’s Imagine,has been nominated in the Best Long Music Video category. Paul McCartney finds solace with a nod in the Alternative Music category for his work on Liverpool sound collage, which featured the "new" Beatles single, Free Now. The Grammy Awards Show airs February 21st, 8-11 EST/PST on the CBS Television Network.

Beatles swing into dot-com age
November 2, 2000

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- The Beatles are to launch their first 
official Web site, more than 30 years after the group split up. 
The site,, will go live on November 13 and will be 
the band's only official presence on the Internet among a flood of 
unofficial fan sites. 
"Over the past few years, given the thousands of unofficial sites, 
there has been much speculation as to when the Beatles would create 
their own," a spokeswoman for the band said. 
"With a new CD coming out, it is the right time to put them on the 
Web and into the dot-com era." 


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  •  Recurring Beatlemania  
  •  Review: 'Anthology'  
  •  In their own words  
  •  Revolver' voted tops  
  •  Lennon's last song  
  •  'Worthless' gold discs  
  •  Lennon piano battle  
  •  Beatles Quiz  
 The launch of the site will be tied to the release of the band's 
latest collection, simply called "1," which features all 27 of the 
Fab Four's number one hits. 
The band's management have been resistant to the idea of setting up a 
Beatles site, but hopes the venture will appeal to a younger audience 
more familiar with using a computer than an old-fashioned record 
"They thought it was the right way to show the Beatles to a new 
generation," the spokeswoman said. 
The band's three surviving members, Sir Paul McCartney, George 
Harrison and Ringo Starr, as well as John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, 
have all contributed to the site. 
Despite other celebrities falling victim to cybersquatters -- people 
who register the domain names of famous people in the hope of making 
a quick profit -- the Beatles had no trouble registering the name of 
their choice, the spokeswoman said. 
The site will allow visitors to watch footage of the Beatles' 
performances, contact one another and take virtual tours through the 
Abbey Road studios where the band made most of their music. 
A team of web designers has been working on the site for a year. 
While the content will initially concentrate on "1," new aspects will 
be added over time.




october 30,2000

RECORD bosses have splashed out £16million to launch The Beatles' new album of No1 hits.

Promoters say the CD called "1", featuring UK and U.S. chart-toppers, is
the freshest look at the band in decades. It is backed by £11million of
promotion and a £5million Internet site featuring new videos and
But die-hard fans are likely to be disappointed - there is no new
material on "1", just 27 songs they probably have already.
EMI bosses hope the album, out on November 14, will live up to its name,
hitting No1 and outselling previous Beatles releases.
A one-minute ad will be screened in the middle of Coronation Street the
night before the album is released. And every commercial radio station
will run a 30-second plug at 8am on the day.
The album includes classic songs like She Loves You, A Hard Day's Night,
Help!, Yellow Submarine and Hey Jude.
Eight million CDs will be shipped out before Christmas and the three
surviving members - Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison -
plan to sell an awful lot more next year.
Their cash bonanza comes on top of a £35 book written by the band, out
earlier this month, and three anthology albums released in 1995 and 1996
which DID include previously unheard songs.
But of most interest to fans is the new website, put together by top
Internet designers. It will show new videos, with a section for each
song, singles sleeves from around the world, audio from the band and
archive footage. Thousands of Beatles sites exist, but this is the first
official one.
A source close to the band told me: "The Beatles want to prove once and
for all that they are the best band on the planet. This album is bound
to be a best-seller around the world.
"There are 2,000 websites dedicated to them but we expect their official
site will soon become the most popular on the Internet."



5 oct.2000

New Beatles footage found!!!!

If you go to the next URL, you'll see some new footage of the Fab Four, recently found in the archives of the dutch television!! You can see John and Paul fooling about with a dutch News reporter:


October 3, 2000

Murderer John Lennon Denied Parole!!!!

The man who killed former Beatle John Lennon was denied parole Tuesday by the New York State Parole Board in his first attempt to gain release from prison.M.D.C., 45, was sentenced to life in prison in 1980 after pleading guilty to shooting Lennon outside his Manhattan apartment in 1980. Under state law, he became eligible for parole once he had served 20 years in prison.M.D.C. was interviewed for 50 minutes Tuesday morning at the maximum-security Attica state prison by three parole board members, said Tom Grant, a spokesman for the state Division of Parole.

About four hours later, M.D.C. was given the board's one-page determination beginning with the words "parole is denied."The board called M.D.C's killing of Lennon "calculated and unprovoked." In addition to being one of the most famous musicians in the world, Lennon was also a "husband and a father of two young children," the board said."Your most vicious and violent act was apparently fueled by your need to be acknowledged," the parole board said. "During your parole hearing, this panel noted your continued interest in
maintaining your notoriety."In a July interview to be aired this week on a Court TV program,M.D.C. said he should be released."I think the depression is over. The mental illness is over," M.D.C. said.

Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, wrote a letter to the board to express her feelings about M.D.C.'s possible release. She did not release the contents of the letter, but the London Sunday Times reported that in it she urged the board to keep M.C.D in prison because she is concerned about her safety and the safety of Lennon's sons Julian and Sean.

The newspaper reported that Ono said she was fearful because of the attempted murder last December of Lennon's former bandmate George Harrison at his home in England.

State Sen. Michael F. Nozzolio, chairman of the Senate Crime Victims, Crime and Correction Committee, also asked parole authorities to deny M.D.C.'s bid.                   "John Lennon represented a vision of hope, peace and love," Nozzolio wrote to Parole Board Chairman Brion Travis."Tragically, his positive message and his life were fatally ended by M.D.C.," Nozzolio wrote. "It is the responsibility of the New York State Parole Board to ensure that public safety is protected from the release of dangerous criminals like M.D.C."

It is expected that M.D.C. will be ordered held for two more years before he is granted another hearing.






october 2000


U.S. radio syndicate MJI Broadcasting will premier the
previously unreleased John Lennon song "Help Me to Help
Myself" as part of a three-hour Lennon special airing Oct. 6-9.

The song will also appear on the upcoming reissue of Double
Fantasy, due Oct. 10, but unique to the radio program will be
new interviews with surviving Beatles Paul McCartney, Ringo
Starr and George Harrison as well as Yoko Ono, George Martin,
Brian Wilson, Lennon's drinking buddy Alice Cooper and Steven
Tyler. Hosted by Dennis Elsas, the program will also feature
vintage interviews with Lennon himself along with Elton John,
Mick Jagger and Ozzy Osbourne and a whopping twenty-seven
Beatles and Lennon songs. All of this, of course, in celebration
of what would have been Lennon's sixtieth birthday on Oct. 9 .


Capitol Records Reissues Classic John Lennon Albums, ``John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band'' and ``Double Fantasy'' With Extra Tracks On Oct 9th, His 60th Birthday


NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Sept. 5, 2000--Two remarkable albums by John Lennon, arguably the greatest rock musician we will know in our lifetime, will be reissued on October 9, 2000, on what would have been his 60th birthday.

The two albums' initial release dates were separated by a decade, but their emotional resonance shows no sign of abating with the passing of time. Rather, like much of Lennon's work, they have gained in stature and, although they were each released at the dawning of a new decade and at times of great social change - the 1970's and 1980's respectively - they are truly timeless. The reissue of these albums brings together John's first post-Beatles solo album with his last.

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band is seen by many as John Lennon's masterpiece, offering a disquieting, riveting insight into a life spent in exploration and illumination.

Containing many of his most incisive and harrowing songs, like ``Mother,'' ``Working Class Hero'' and ``God,'' John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band was originally released on Apple on Dec 11, 1970.

Now remixed and digitally remastered under the supervision of Yoko Ono, the album is augmented by two bonus tracks - ``Power To The People,'' a single originally released after the album, and ``Do The Oz,'' originally the b side of the ``God Save Oz(Us)'' single which was covered by Bill Elliott and The Elastic Oz Band. ``Do The Oz'' refers to ``Oz'' magazine, the leading underground paper of the `60's; both tracks reflect the beginning of the expression of John and Yoko's political interests. ``Power To The People'' was originally released in the UK on March 12, 1971.

Packaging for the album will feature the original cover art and photographs for the album, plus rare pictures from the era, plus John's hand-written lyrics.

Double Fantasy, by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, was released in the UK on November 17, 1980. Announced in the press release as ``a dialogue between men and women, and their fantasies,'' the album was released amidst a barrage of publicity; it was John Lennon's first studio album for 5 years and as word spread, excitement was palpable.

In 1970, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band had begun with the sound of a tolling bell. Ten years later, in a deliberate echo, John opened what was to be the final album of his life with another bell. This time it was no slowed-down harbinger of doom, but the benevolent tinkling of a traditional Japanese wishing bell and the track it introduced, ``(Just Like) Starting Over'' was a message of hope, of renewal, a message not lost on Lennon fans over the world.

By the beginning of December Double Fantasy was in the US Top 10 and climbing to No. 1, and John and Yoko were working on a new Yoko track, ``Walking On Thin Ice'' that had been finished too late for inclusion on the album. The track was finished on Dec 8th and is now inextricably linked to the events of that night, the night John Lennon was killed.

Its inclusion on the new version of Double Fantasy, along with two other bonus tracks, seems to complete a very powerful lyrical cycle, as it is now impossible to listen to Double Fantasy as a record isolated from the events surrounding it.

Now digitally remastered, Double Fantasy features 3 bonus tracks - the previously unreleased John Lennon song ``Help Me To Help Myself,'' Yoko's ``Walking On Thin Ice'' and ``Central Park Stroll,'' a short dialogue of John and Yoko walking in Central Park. These tracks continue the duality of the original album, which is comprised of consecutive John Lennon and Yoko Ono tracks. ``Central Park Stroll'' unites the two at the end of the album.

Retaining the original artwork, Double Fantasy also includes additional photographs from the era.

In the 20 years since his death, John Lennon's music has reached out to new generations of artists and fans alike. He has inspired countless musicians who have used his music as a springboard for their own creativity and helped take his message to a new audience. It came as no surprise that Oasis ended their recent shows with his image projected onscreen behind them; they will not be the last to acknowledge their debt to who is seen by many to be the most important singer/songwriter of the last 50 years.

On October 9 in Tokyo the world's first permanent John Lennon Museum will open. Later that month there will be a major John Lennon exhibition at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland. Amongst the retrospectives, it is strange to relate that, to a lot of people over the world, John Lennon has never really gone away.

The music on these two reissued albums helps us understand why.



 August 27 2000

Paul McCartney & Fellow Wings Member To Perform Benefit Concert

(8/27/00, 10 a.m. ET) - Paul McCartney, former Wings and Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine, and a host of other musicians will perform a breast-cancer benefit concert on September 29 at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas. A portion of the proceeds from the show, dubbed the Wings Of Love concert, will go to the MRI Breast Cancer Research Program.


july 12, 2000

Lennon's `In My Life' named greatest song of all time
A group of legendary pop songwriters has named the Beatles' "In My
Life" as the greatest song ever written.
The autobiographical John Lennon song, which appeared on the 1965 "Rubber Soul"
album, beat the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" to lead the list, which was
compiled from top ten lists submitted by 20 famous songwriters,including  Paul
McCartney, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, legendary '50s lyricist Jerry Leiber,and Burt Bacharach collaborator Hal David.
Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg's "Over The Rainbow," from "The Wizard of Oz," was third. The Beatles had two songs on the list, compiled for the respected British music 
magazine Mojo.
The full list, with the artists who made then famous:

1. "In My Life" -- The Beatles
2. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" -- Rolling Stones
3. "Over The Rainbow" -- Judy Garland
4. "Here, There And Everywhere" -- The Beatles
5. "Tracks Of My Tears" -- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
6. "The Times They Are A-Changin"' -- Bob Dylan
7. "Strange Fruit" -- Billie Holiday
8. "I Can't Make You Love Me" -- Bonnie Raitt
9. "People Get Ready" -- The Impressions
10. "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin"' -- The Righteous Brothers



Beatles legend goes to war in copyright battle

SIR Paul McCartney is suing an Internet service for millions of pounds in what is shaping up to be a clash of the music giants. He claims that his publishing company's songs have been hijacked and put on the Net where they are being downloaded without permission. Now lawyers for the ex-Beatle, worth pounds 500 million, have asked the courts for pounds 100,000 compensation for every one of the songs he says have been pirated by internet firm - founded by Michael Robertson whose own fortune stands at a staggering pounds 799 million. The singer's agent Geoff Baker said last night: "This is not about money but about righting a wrong. "People simply can't just go around taking someone else's property and breaking copyright law and that's what is doing in our opinion." is thought to have copied the contents of around 80,000 CDs in total for digital download from its website - although it's unclear how many of those are ownedby Sir Paul's firm. The singer's lawyers claim it can profit from songs by attracting fans to its website and boosting advertising revenue. Sir Paul's publishing company MPL Communications, which is taking legal action with music firm Peer International Corporation, is the first of its kind to try to stop in the courts. MPL spokesman Paul Freundlich said: "Firms like are taking the rights of the songwriters to administer their songs how they see fit. It's a breach of the copyright laws as they are written and were intended. "This suit is not about Paul McCartney's music and doesn't involve his recordings. "However his company owns a lot of music from the songwriting world and is the largest independent publishing company in the US." Agent Geoff Baker added: "Previous lawsuits already cover Sir Paul's own songs. "But this covers the copyright of artists such as Buddy Holly who are no longer with us." The court action follows efforts by heavy metal rockers Metallica and rap star Dr Dre to stop their work being downloaded on the cheap on an Internet site Napster set up by 19-year-old music fan Shawn Fanning. EMI and Sony are also backing legal battles by the Recording Industry Association It could be asked to pay billions of pounds when the judge rules in August on the amount of liability.




may 8th 2000

     With all the albums of Beatles music released over nearly 40 years, one
thing remains missing--a definitive, career-spanning "greatest hits"
     That's going to change, probably before Christmas. Paul McCartney,
George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, are
supervising the track selection for what is expected to be at least a two-CD
     Executives of Capitol Records have been meeting with their EMI
counterparts in London about the project, with former Virgin America and Work
Group label head Jeff Ayeroff reportedly hired to oversee the marketing
     The set will likely be released in conjunction with the book that
McCartney, Harrison and Starr recently announced they are writing to tell the
group's story from the inside. The CD set and book follow the 1994 two-CD set
of recordings of the band on BBC radio and the three collections of archival
recordings that accompanied the 1995 "Anthology" TV documentary.
     Unlike those sets, however, the new collection apparently will not
include any previously unreleased material, sticking to the band's catalog of
hits. Is that enough to sell it, given the number of fans who already have at
least a few Beatles records in their collections, including the two
double-album compilations released in 1973 and popularly known as the red and
blue albums.?
     "There's a need for a straight-ahead Beatles greatest-hits package,"
says Pete Howard, editor of the ICE monthly CD publication and a Beatles
authority. "The red and blue albums served a purpose, but at four CDs in two
separate packages, they're somewhat cumbersome or even intimidating for the
general consumer who wants just a good, solid overview of the hits."
     What would that overview be, exactly?
     Pop Eye asked Howard to compile his dream disc of Beatles greatest hits,
restricting his program to the maximum 78-minute length available on a single
compact disc.
     Howard came up with 26 tracks--barely more than half of the Beatles' 51
Top 40 U.S. singles. His list, which clocks in at 77 minutes, 30 seconds,
includes 18 No. 1 singles. The only chart-toppers not to make the cut were
"Eight Days a Week" and "The Long and Winding Road." Howard says he left them
off because they weren't released as singles in the U.K., a factor that also
kept "Nowhere Man" off the album. (Howard made an executive exception for
"Yesterday," because "there's no way you could leave that song off.")
     Conversely, Howard includes "From Me to You," which didn't even make the
U.S. Top 40 in 1964. "It was just a blip on the radar screen here," notes
Howard, "but a very important No. 1 record for the Beatles in England."
     His most painful omissions? "Big hits with simply no room, like 'She's a
Woman' and 'Eleanor Rigby,' and lower-charting single sides--'I Saw Her
Standing There' peaked at No. 14, and 'I Am the Walrus' at No. 56."
     Here's the track listing for Howard's "Beatles' Greatest Hits,"
programmed chronologically:
     "Love Me Do," "Please Please Me," "From Me to You," "She Loves You," "I
Want to Hold Your Hand," "Can't Buy Me Love," "A Hard Day's Night," "I Feel
Fine," "Ticket to Ride," "Help!," "Yesterday," "We Can Work It Out," "Day
Tripper," "Paperback Writer," "Yellow Submarine," "Penny Lane," " Strawberry
Fields Forever," "All You Need Is Love," "Hello Goodbye," "Lady Madonna,"
"Hey Jude," "Get Back," "The Ballad of John and Yoko," "Come Together,"
"Something," "Let It Be."


April 2nd 2000

LONDON (AP) - Thirty years after they split up, the three
surviving Beatles have written a book setting the record
straight about the ``Fab Four,'' a newspaper reported Sunday.

The Sunday Telegraph said Sir Paul McCartney, George
Harrison and Ringo Starr have spent six years writing the
360-page ``Beatles Anthology,'' to be published in Britain
and the United States in the fall.
The book will provide the frankest account yet of the band's
rise to the top of the pop world in the 1960s, The Sunday
Telegraph said.
No one was immediately available for comment Sunday at the
offices of McCartney, Harrison or Starr.
The Sunday Telegraph said the book, which will sell for
about $80, will disclose new information about The Beatles'
drug taking, their sexual exploits, their rivalries and
eventual breakup in 1970.
``It will dispel some of the myths ... as every Tom, Dick
and uncle of a friend has been writing books on the Beatles
since 1963,'' the newspaper quoted McCartney as saying.
The newspaper said Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon - the
fourth Beatle who was shot to death in New York in 1980 -
will receive a quarter of the profits, although she has not
been involved with the book.
Among other things, the book will counter the widely held
belief that McCartney pushed for the band to split up, the
newspaper said, revealing that Lennon was the first to walk
away, leaving McCartney to make the official announcement
months later.
The newspaper says the book will also disclose that in 1996,
the three Beatles turned down an offer of $175 million to
perform 17 concerts in the United States, Germany and Japan.
McCartney, 57, Harrison, 57, and Starr, 59, have collected
1,200 photographs, mostly unpublished, for the book, The
Sunday Telegraph said.



March 18th 2000

 Ex-Beatle George Harrison confimred today that he and Sir Paul McCartney have agreed to work together on Mr. Harrison's upcoming album release. Mr.Harrison would not give specifics about the project however he did say that "it is likely" that Sir Paul will be "helping out" with a few numbers on the album. Mr. Harrison cited "recent incidents" and "life changes" that have helped him reconcile his past reluctance to work closely with his ex-bandmate. "I'm excited to be working ...and I must say I look forward to Paul's input. I hear he's had a few hits." Speculation is that Mr. Harrison's album could be ready for fall or winter release.

March 17th 2000

The Perfect Match
By SCOTT ARMSTRONG  Chief Reporter           

They go together so well, says pal

Golden couple Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney were made for each
other, the model's best pal said today.

Julia Quinn, of Washington, who acted as a confidant to them both,
believes Heather would make a great wife for the Beatles legend.
Julia said: "Heather and Paul are two beautiful people and I wish
them every happiness. "They need time for the relationship to develop
and people should give them that.  I know that he thinks a lot of
her. "She got to know Paul after he collaborated with her on a
charity record.  She says he is a lovely, down-to-earth man."

She spoke as Heather told how in 1993 she was told she would never
find a man after losing her leg. As she lay in a hospital bed
recovering from the trauma of becoming an amputee a counsellor told
her: "You must accept that men will not be attracted to you.
The  Washington  born model replied: "Listen darling, if all my arms
and legs were missing, I'd still be more attractive than you."

Now Heather has finally proved the counsellor's words wrong.

Earlier this week the ex-Beatle, whose personal fortune is said to be
£550 million, revealed his love for the 32year-old TV presenter and
fund raiser.


Sir Paul, who lost his wife Linda to cancer nearly two years ago, has
grown close to Heather over the past few months and he spoke out
after the pair were spotted walking together in a London park. On
Wednesday he said: "Yes we're very good friends.  She's a very
impressive woman.  We are an item."

Heather, had been a swimwear model until she lost her left leg below
the knee when a police motorcycle on an emergency call hit her as she
crossed a road in London. She battled back to health and devoted much
of her time to helping others with disabilities and promoting fund
raising for mine victims.

Heather married Alfie Karmal in 1989 but the marriage was short-lived
and later ended after her relationship with a ski skiing instructor.
Last summer, she was to marry cameraman, Chris Terrill, but with two
weeks to go the wedding was called off.
Her parents Mark and Beatrice split when she was a child and her
mother, who later married Crossroads actor Charles Stapley, died 11 years ago.

Today Bob Watts, the man who fitted Heather with her false leg, paid
tribute to her. He said: "Most people who lose limbs get a lot of
support from friends and family but six to nine months later the
depression hits.  That never happened to Heather."


march 8th 2000

A Hard Day's Night, pulled from the home video market last year, is set to be re-released theatrically by Miramax, tentatively set to open September 22nd, 2000 in Los Angeles and New York. Miramax will also release Home video versions on VHS and DVD. The film was supposed to be released last year for the 35th anniversary, and in fact played at three film festivals in March of that year. Posters were even made, duplicates of 1964 original one-sheets but with a "35th Anniversary Edition" across the top.

It has been reported that the delay was caused by Walter Shenson's insistence on including the You Can't Do That sequence at the end, which was cut due to time constraints on the original. Apple successfully argued to keep it out. The clip, which first aired on the Ed Sullivan Show May 24, 1964, was included on the home video release of The Making of A Hard Day's Night, mysteriously on the VHS and LaserDisc copies but not the DVDs.



Thursday, February 10, 2000

Martin remastering Beatles' CDs

For JAM! Music

A remixed version of former Beatle John Lennon's 1971 critically acclaimed "Imagine" album will be reissued in Canada on Tuesday (Feb. 15), and JAM! has learned that the entire Beatles back catalogue is currently being remastered for release -- though EMI admits that process could "take years" due to the use of complicated "surround sound" production.

 EMI Canada spokesperson Beth Waldman told JAM! that former Beatles producer Sir George Martin is "as we speak, working on the entire Beatles catalogue," and that we could "quite possibly" see more 5-1 remastered Beatles product this year.

 As for "Imagine", the new version was remixed and remastered under the supervision of Yoko Ono at Abbey Road Studios in London late last year. The CD features a 16-page booklet with full lyrics -- including a reproduction of part of Lennon's handwritten words for "How Do You Sleep?", Lennon's biting retort to Paul McCartney's "Dear Friend" -- and 18 "rare photographs from the Lennon/Ono archives."

 Meanwhile, Lennon fans who were expecting CD bonus tracks are in for a disappointment: There are none. However, the companion DVD release, "Gimme Some Truth -- The making Of John Lennon's Imagine Album," is a different story. (The DVD comes out in Canada on March 28.)

 The 103-minute DVD employs the same Dolby 5-1 surround sound mix used in last year's reissue of the "Yellow Submarine" movie. The interactive DVD will also feature completely different mixes of "Imagine" songs, as well as "unique audio/visual interview material recorded at the time of the album sessions."

 The DVD will also contain a Lennon discography, which will allow the listener to hear a sample of one track per album.

 Of special note to Lennon fans will be footage shot in and around his Ascot, England, home where the recording of "Imagine" took place. Among other scenes, Lennon is shown playing basketball with jazz legend Miles Davis and hanging out with Jack Nicholson and Andy Warhol.

 In addition, an edited 56-minute version of "Gimme Some Truth", similar to the version that will be available on VHS, will air on MuchMoreMusic in Canada in April.

 According to Jan Cees ter Brugge, an employee at European television network RTL who has seen the film, Ono, acting as executive producer on "Gimme Some Truth", has already tinkered with the original remix she delivered to the network in December, and re-arranged some of the voice-overs and vocal/music mix.

 "(It's) a complete new soundtrack ... lots of things are changed," said ter Brugge on the AbbeyRd website.

 For her part, Ono is "so grateful that EMI Records and Abbey Road Studios took so much time and care to bring this project to fruition," she said in a statement. "In Abbey Road Studios, I found the engineers top-notch, and the studios were the latest and the best."




Beatles Book Monthly - The Beatles Book in England is reporting that the
Beatles last film, Let it Be has been remastered for video/dvd release and
should appear on its 30th anniversary, which is this year.
The Beatles Book speculates that odds are that a remastered cd will also
accompany the project and reports that there are special plans to mark the
30th anniversary of Let it Be.


Sunday Mirror (People section)  --  Jan 23 2000


Lennon's family is at war over whether his killer should be released from jail.
Amazingly, Lennon's widow Yoko Ono is backing a bid for parole by crazed
gunman Mark Chapman, now 44.But the move is bitterly opposed by the Beatle legend's two sons Sean and Julian.
Yoko, who was devastated by Lennon's death, believes Chapman should be
released if psychiatrists rule that he is now sane.
A close friend of Yoko's said: "She is well aware of Sean and Julian's
feelings but she's also a humanitarian - even towards people like
"Her beliefs haven't changed over the years and she practises what she
In contrast, Sean and Julian - Lennon's sons by Yoko and first wife Cynthia - 
will be contesting Chapman's release when the parole hearing comes up later this year.

Friends say they will never forgive him.