All you wanted to know about racing a Kawasaki, but were affraid to ask.

Greg Hansford gets the front wheel airborne at Wanneroo Western Australia 1975

Kawasaki has a long standing history, racing several competative classes.
It range from 50cc untill Superbike Racing. Several outstanding racers have been built and been ridden by the best drivers. Some names that come into mind are e.g. Gregg Hansford; Kork Ballington; Gary Nixon; Yvon Duhamel.

Here we find Greg Hansford working on his KR750 in Daytona.

One of the most competative machines, when not broken down was the KR750, used in the Formula 750.
This class was one of the most outstanding classes in the Grand Prix circuit in the seventies.

The right handside of the KR750 ridden by Gary Nixon.

The left handside of the KR750 ridden by Gary Nixon.

Mick Grant on Brands Hatch.

Gregg Hansford on the KR750

In memory of one of the greatest Riders ever. Greg Hansford on the KR750 at Wanneroo 1975.

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