Hello visistors of my website,

My name is Ellen Jellema and I am collecting Stickers from all over the world.

My sticker collection is now about 70.000 different ones  and I have over 300.000 stickers to swap.

I collect many other things too, by example: Commercial - pencils, Sugar- bags, Markclips, Beer- mats, Telephonecards, Matchholders, Hotel soaps and shampoo, Businesscards, Viewmasters and many other things.

So you can read Iím a real collector and not a dealer. I do sell stickers, by the number or subject, but only for a reasonable price. I would like to help other collectors get started with a collection or expand their collection. 

But most of all I would like to swap with collectors from all over the world.

So, do you want to swap or buy of you just have a question, donít hesitate to contact me. I would also like you to sign my guest-book.

Ellen Jellema    The Netherlands

E-mail address: h.jellema3@chello.nl

On my homepage you can find some examples of my sticker collection.

Thanks and happy collecting.