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Harry Potter is an orphan who lives with his uncle, aunt and cousin, the Dursleys, during the first  years of his life. Harry's room is the broom cupboard under the stairs. The Dursley's don't treat Harry that well; his aunt and uncle detest him. Dudley, their son, is a fat, spoiled boy. He gets anything he asks for. Harry and Dudley argue all the time. Dudley's favourite occupation is to harass Harry.

One morning, a letter addressed to Harry, arrives. Uncle Vernon's really shocked; he takes the letter from Harry, reads it and burns it. The next day, four similar letters arrive for Harry. All of them are burned too. The day after, hundreds of letters come for Harry! This drives Uncle Vernon mad. He shuts every single chink in the whole house, so that no more letters can enter the house. But… the next day, thousands of letters fall straight through the chimney. Uncle Vernon goes totally crazy; he hires a little house on an island somewhere in the sea, to avoid the letters. Harry doesn't understand why Uncle Vernon reacts so funnily to those letters, and why Harry's not allowed to read them. But still, Harry can be found in the abandoned house, by a giant named Hagrid. Hagrid tells Harry that he's a wizard and that his parents, who were wizards too, were murdered by Voldemort (You-Know-Who), an evil wizard. He tells Harry he's allowed to go to Hogwarts Academy for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

After a lot of fuss, Harry finally leaves the Dursleys. Hagrid takes him to London, so that he can buy everything he'll be needing at Hogwarts. Through the pub The Leaky Cauldron, they reach Diagon Alley. The first place they go to is Gringotts, the wizarding bank, to fetch Harry's money. Through a very complicated underground network of corridors, they reach Harry's safe, containing all the money Harry's parents left for him. They use part of the money to buy school stuff for Harry: robes, a wand, a cauldron, and all other things he needs. As a brithday present Harry gets a white snow-owl from Hagrid, called Hedwig.

Hagrid gives a train ticket for the trip to school. The first of September, Harry departs to Hogwarts, leaving at Platform 9 ¾. On his way to school, Harry makes a new friend, Ron, and gets an argument with Malfoy and his mates Crabbe and Goyle. As soon as the train arrives, Harry's brought to the castle, like the other first-years. In the Great Hall, the Sorting Hat divides the big group of pupils into four houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Harry gets sorted into Gryffindor, just like Ron and a girl named Hermione. They are told not to go to the third floor, for their own safety.

For Christmas, Harry is given an Invisibility Cloak that has once belonged to his father. Many nights, Harry walks through the corridors of Hogwarts, once reaching a room with a big mirror placed in it, the Mirror of Erised. When looking at the mirror, he sees himself surrounded by every single member of his family! Harry sees his parents and aunts wave at him. He stays in that room for a very long time. The next night, he returns to that room, and takes Ron with him to show him his family. But Ron doesn't see Harry's family; he sees himself as Head Boy, holding the Quidditch Cup in his hand. When Harry returns to the Mirror for the third time, Dumbledore (the Head of School) awaits him in the room. He tells Harry that everyone who looks at the Mirror of Erised, sees his deepest burning desire. That's why Harry sees his parents.

Harry and Slytherin Malfoy have a lot of rows. One night, they're planning to duel with each other, but Malfoy doesn't show up. Hermione, Ron and Harry are caught by the school's poltergeist, Peeves. They run away and reach a corridor with a dead end. Thanks to one of Hermione's spells, they can open a door. At once, they hear a growling noise behind them. When they turn around they see a gigantic dog with three heads, which really frightens them. Now they realise that they're on the third floor, where they in fact aren't allowed to be. However, they can run away without being harmed by the dog. They ask Hagrid what that three-headed dog means, but he doesn't want to tell them. All they know is that a certain Nicholas Flamel is involved.

One night, the three of them return to the room with the three-headed dog. They have discovered that the dog guards the Philosopher's Stone. After fulfilling three very difficult tasks, Harry reaches the last room on his very own. To his surprise, he sees the Mirror of Erised standing there. There's a person in the room who wants to kill Harry. And we really can't tell you here how the story continues, you'll have to read the book for that!

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Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone
Writer: J.K. Rowling
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., London, 1997

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