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ekosonic amplifier collects and publishes links for RM1x users.


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this service is free of charge of course as free music sets music free from commerce.


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Yamaha RM1x links

The Yamaha RM1x Links page is not officially related to the Yamaha corporation. The site is purely based on information that is freely available on the internet. Still going strong after two years and over 70,000 visitors. top rated

Visit us at http://www.download.com/ekosonic and download some tracks if you appreciate this site.

Groove is in the heart at the European Yamaha site. The owner's manual and the list book will be of great help to answer basic questions on how to operate the RM1x. Or pickup the RM1x FAQ

Visit the Ampfea site and YahooGroups because these are great RM1x users forums. With the coming of newer Yamaha hardware like Motif-x, RS7000, xx200, Ax000 also the RS7000 YahooGroup could be of interest. Or take a peek in Ampfea's very interesting sample library.

Synth Site user reviews great response by RM1x users.

The great RM1x homepage by Mark Arber.top rated

Visit the French Electro-LivE site on the RM1x.

Have a look at the new RM1x page by DJ Kyril

And last but not least a very good site by Soffis.

Visit Oliver Quinlan's RM1x user's page.

Keyfax have completed two disks of R1P format grooves for the RM1x. And Mig Music has published RM1x sound settings (download the demo).

Or would you like a nice cover for your RM1x?

Bruce Lane listed instrument definitions for CakeWalk, and some great Cakewalk StudioWare Panels for RM1x and XGeffects have been created by Markus Hautala.


Go to the downloads section for free patterns, songs, sound mixer maps and more...


RM1x in soft focus

Are you a live remixer/producer?   Do you work in a studio and demand that the session runs smoothly?      Say hello to Yamaha's new box of tricks, as your prayers have been answered!

play yer RM1x as an accordion