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ekosonic amplifier collects and publishes links for RM1x users.


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this service is free of charge of course as free music sets music free from commerce.


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Site Contents


Here are some links to resellers and music shops around the globe.

American page by Yamaha USA and another page by Yamaha USA. Online shopping at zZounds and Musicians Friend.

Australian pages by the Guitar Factory.

Canadian page by Saved by Technology.

Czech page by Electro Zone.

Dutch online shopping at Studio de Dijk or visit i4-muzique.

English pages by Yamaha England and Omega Music.

Finnish pages by Helsingin Musiikki Online.

German pages by TenDance, Yamaha GermanyMusical Sounds,          and the Keyboards RM1x review.

Hong Kong page by Tom Lee.

Japanese pages by Yamaha Japan in Japanese, a page by Japanese Music Trades, Ishibashi-Music and a page by Kogure.

Swedish page by Musikbörsen.

Swiss pages by Music Base and Stoffler Musik.