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ekosonic amplifier collects and publishes links for RM1x users.




this service is free of charge of course as free music sets music free from commerce.


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Yamaha RM1x links

Groove is in the heart at the Yamaha site and mind the new tracks by Justin Berkovi and also the Apollo 440 tracks that can still be downloaded. For sure the owner's manual and the list book will be of great help to answer trivial questions on how to operate the RM1x.

Subscribe to the Teklab mailing list or download mp3 stuff from their ftp server ftp://ftp.teklab.com. Read their forum, where you find the rm1x book by Matt Wagner. Or take a peek in their very interesting sample library.

Synth Site user reviews great response by RM1x users.

Tips 'n Tricks on "How to use Yamaha's RM1x sequencer..." and more stuff is given by Tj Marbois.

A new RM1x homepage by Mark Arber.

Go visit the Yamaha RM1x page by Bert of Kosmic.

RM1x songs and sounds at DFX CS Synthesizer Central.

Keyfax have just completed a disk of R1P format hip hop and R&B grooves for the RM1x.

BeatPole has listed a RM1x voice map for Logic and Bruce Lane listed instrument definitions for CakeWalk.


The links page has recently been restructured to keep the links and downloads easy to find. Please use the index to the left on top of this page to switch between the different sections.

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