Jekyll & Hyde

Module 1:

Level 1: The office
Pick up the medikit from Jekyll's desk and possibly the bottle of ether from the lab (not greatly useful).
Leave the office, turn left (evading or killing the female lunatic) and exit via the door at the end of the corridor (it's the only one which opens).

Level 2: The lecture theatre
You need to kill the three lunatics to set the nurse free.
He then gives you a key which you can use to exit the level via the door on the left of the large blackboard

Level 3: The kitchen
Rush straight to the end of the corridor, and kill the lunatic who's lying in wait for you around the bend.
Only one door opens, so you can't go wrong.
When you reach the kitchen area, there's a lunatic waiting for you, but you don't have to kill him.
Once in the canteen, avoid the plate-thrower by using (action button) the dresser (on casters) to protect yourself or by sticking close to the right-hand wall.
You then need to either kill the female lunatic or avoid her by climbing onto the tables at the back in order to make your way to the exit door.

Level 4: The dormitory
Remember to take the handle from behind the curtain on the left as soon as you enter (it's vital during the next level).
Retrace your steps and go round the partitions to the right. In the second recess, you will see one bed in the normal position and another placed up against the partition. Use one to jump to the other and thereby climb over the partition.
Get down carefully on the other side and continue on your way as far as the madwoman (you don't have to kill her). Climb onto the bed alongside her to gather momentum in order to jump onto the bed in a vertical position.
All you need to do now is to run straight ahead towards the exit while watching out for potshots from the plate-thrower on the partition. Before leaving, take the medikit from the edge of a bed - you are sure to need it sooner or later.

Level 5: The lunatics' tower
Quickly cross the room to avoid the highly aggressive lunatics. Take the ramp and use the handle to lower the cages, thereby clearing a path for yourself to the top of the tower.

Encounter with Burnwell
Burnwell is demanding to see Mr Hyde. All you need do is retrace your steps (back to Jekyll's office) in order to discover the secret laboratory and effect the transformation.

Level 9: Jekyll's office
At the back of the room, you will notice reddish smoke coming from beneath a cupboard. You need to position yourself on the right of the cupboard and push it (action button).
Hurry into the lab to carry out the transformation into Jekyll.
Once transformed, you need to make your way back to the lunatics' tower.

Level 10: The Lecture theatre
No particular difficulties, except that the exit door is blocked by a piece of furniture. Shift it by striking it, and the path is clear!!!

Level 11: The kitchen
A fire has broken out, making visibility poor. You will be met by quite a few lunatics, who are just meat and drink to Hyde!
When you reach the canteen, you will be able to see that the original exit door is in flames and can no longer be reached.
To put out these flames, you need to use the barrel of water, which is hidden in a hitherto inaccessible part of the canteen.

Level 12: The dormitory
The start of the level is far from being a picnic. The only means of getting through is to haul oneself up using a bed situated on the right of the partitions to where the plate-throwers are taking potshots at you. As soon as you're up, you need to get away fast, because a few hits will mean certain death. No other difficulties to point out here.

Level 13: The lunatics' tower
No change from the previous visit; you have to get to the top. There are a few shortcuts possible on account of Hyde's physical prowess.

Module 2:

Level 14: The alleyway
No particular difficulties here. Kill the clown who rushes at you, and then speak to the guard (action button) at the end of the alleyway. Be warned: if you attempt to kill the guard, you are sure to die.

Level 15: The Opium Den
Take the staircase at the side of the counter and go up to the first floor to question the prostitute, who asks you to find her papers. Go back down, bump off Madame Yang's bodyguard and kill her in the same breath to stifle her cries of "help". Take the key from behind the counter and enter the room opposite this same counter (on the other side of the room). Tread carefully, because a guard is sleeping nearby. Use the key to open the safe and take the papers from inside. Go back to see the prostitute, who shows her gratitude by telling you that the exit from the level is in the head of the dragon. There's one slight hitch: the jump required to reach the head is beyond Jekyll's capabilities. Go back down the stairs and climb the second floor on the other side of the room. Inside the accessible room (reddish-coloured lock) is a basin filled with water which, when mixed with the potion, will allow you to transform yourself into Hyde.
Having done so, go back down the stairs and go up to the second floor on the other side of the room. Right at the end, behind the last screen, you will find a medikit; you then need to kill the sniper, break the railing and gather enough momentum to be able to reach the head of the dragon from where you can exit the level.

Level 16: The warehouse
Making use of the beams, move along until you are directly above a cabin. Drop down onto this cabin and operate the lever inside (the cabin begins to move). With the transformation now finished, allow yourself to fall carefully (some packing cases cushion your fall). Observe the comings and goings of a robot and take the door through which he enters and exits.

Level 17: The Printer's
Enter the building. Try to spot an opening in the ceiling above the presses; it's the secret passage which will allow you to gain access to a cistern full of water (for transformation into Hyde). Once you've made the change, take the staircase and go down to the basement. Pick up a case and throw it at the grill which is blocking access to the lift. Now you can use the lift…

Level 18: The quays
Make your way to the quayside, avoiding the sniper fire. Leap onto the bridge of the ship, turn and climb on top of the cargo, jump onto the wheelhouse and then make another leap towards the window (which you go smashing through) to confront Mr Yang.
Once you have overcome Mr Yang, pick up the medikit and activate the lever on the control panel (it opens the aquarium). Enter the aquarium and break it from the inside before you become short of air. Exit the aquarium, whereupon Hyde turns back into Jekyll, and you can now take hold of the first part of the "key".

Module 3

Level 19: The docks
Go up to the higher level, while watching out for snipers (who are crisscrossing your route). Leave via the large door.

Level 20: The railway station
Head straight for the control tower. Enter the tower by breaking a window and operate the lever (a cinematic sequence shows you the level exit door).

Level 21: The railway station (moving walkway)
Your timing will need to be very precise to complete this level. Before you do anything, begin by noting the comings and goings of the first two guards. When their backs are turned, get over the first moving walkway and use the first case you see to jump onto the quay (the noise made by your jump alerts the guards). Lie low and wait for the guards to recommence their patrols. Continue your route along the quayside as far as the sleeping guard. Wake him and kill him so that you can activate the levers (action button or a blow with a stick), which will have the effect of getting rid of the huge dog which has up until now been blocking the exit. Don't rush your exit, for other guards are on patrol. Carefully continue on your route along the quay, using the high cases to avoid the attentions of the remaining foes.

Level 22: The docks, part two
You begin the level inside a case. Exit from the case, watching closely for the sniper patrolling the area. Make your way to the right in the middle of the high cases and activate the lever at the end of the quay. The footbridge providing access to the ship drops down. Board the ship and activate a second lever in the wheelhouse (it opens up the ship's hold). Jump into the hold.

Level 23: The ship
Another "furtive" level, discretion is a must here if you are to get the better of your enemies. Pass carefully behind the first guard at the lower level and take the first passageway on the left. At the end of this corridor, wait for the guard who will shortly be crossing your path. Kill him and pick up the key that he drops on the floor; it allows you to open all the cabins. Inside the cabins, you can find items including a medikit and the key to the control room (the only door which you couldn't open!). Now use the key to the control room, cross it and exit via the lower door. This door leads to the strongroom. Approach the safe, whereupon it opens up automatically, setting off a trap (the room starts to fill up with water). Moving quickly, you need to take the second part of the key from the chest, climb the stairs and use the potion in the little "wash basin" to transform yourself into Hyde and open up the exit door (which remained locked until now).
Cross the corridor and take the first door on the left. Avoiding the robots, strike the valve in the centre of the room, which will blow open the level exit door.

Level 24: The docks, part three
You are on the pontoon again. Cross it and use the large cases on the right to jump over the high wall.
Continue on your way along the quays, where you meet Burnwell, who is in a bad way. Nearby, there is a crane; scale the cases to reach its top, thereby releasing its mechanical arm. Go out along the mechanical arm, from where you can reach the window (you break it) on the wall opposite.

Level 25: The railway station, part two
Get down from the wall carefully (some cases cushion your fall). Board the small locomotive at the centre of the level and activate the lever to set it in motion, which enables you to pass through a tangle of barbed wire and machine guns.

Level 26: The Maharajah
A tricky one!!! You need to use the case in the centre to unbalance the maharajah when his nacelle is in the high position. It should be noted that when Hyde has a case in his hands, he is as good as invincible.

Module 4:

Level 27: The train
One piece of advice: go straight ahead. Get the key from the first wagon that you can enter. At the end of the level, you will find a basin to aid your transformation into Hyde so that you can continue your progress towards the next level.

Level 28: The train, part two
Keep going along, until you come to the boss.
The boss is easy to overcome; jump over the lightning bolt that he hurls at you and hit him; this takes you straight back where you came from…

Module 5:

Level 29: The route
Get back onto terra firma, cross the bridge and make your way through the midst of the traps. The grills barring the route can be opened up by throwing stones (always lying around nearby).

Level 30: The residence, lower part
All that needs to be done is to kill the enemy who is patrolling to obtain the key which he drops on the ground. Open the door with this key.

Level 31: The warehouse of robots
Run to avoid the claws and enter the other room. At the back of this second room, break the glass and activate the interrupter (with a blow from a stick); this puts the claws and robots out of action. Return to the first room and take the opportunity to pick up the medikit hidden in a breakable case. Climb up onto the cabin, and keeping to the surface, gradually inch your way towards the attic which will lead you onto the rooftops.

Level 32: On the roof of the residence
Scale the different platforms while watching out for enemy fire from the windows. Once on the roof, run to avoid the last sniper and jump into the chimney shaft.

Level 33: The library
You have to kill the vampiress in order to obtain the key to the exit door. Get the medikit from the cupboard near the desk. Climb the stairs and make your way towards the exit grill.

Level 34: The ghouls
Switch to subjective vision and wait for the patrolling guard to pass by. Then run from one side of the room to the other. Allow yourself to fall onto the cornice (you can pick up a new medikit). Observe the sniper who patrols on the ground floor before going lower (you should see him check a device on a table). Go down and activate this device, which is in fact a rocket that will blow open the exit door.

Level 35: The cathedral
Kill the enemies in the main room and the other room, then exit.

Level 36: The room of the great book
Climb onto the promontory, where you will find an "electric" chair which enables you to control the lower robot. Use the card (it appears automatically on the top left of the screen) to move between the correct platforms, pick up the great book and take it back to your starting point. Jekyll once more, you can now go and pick up the book. A cinematic sequence transforms you into Hyde to take on the boss. In order to defeat this boss, you need to push him to the centre of the room (the burning light).

Module 6:

Level 37: The cemetery
A real labyrinth! You need to find a crucifix at the foot of a statue which allows you to keep vampires and other creatures at bay (it is located roughly at the centre of the level), and a key which can be found in the hut at the entrance to the level (it enables you to open the tombs).

Level 38: The cemetery, part two
You have to find the tomb of Stevenson, defeat the vampire guarding the entrance, open the grill with the key and enter (as you walk, the ground gives way…loading).

Level 39: Cemetery route
At the entrance, there is a kind of font which allows you to make the change into Hyde. The level is a platform route without any particular traps.

Level 40: The corridors
The corridors in fact connect four key rooms, the larder, the lab/library, the worship room and lastly the central room. In the larder, the lab/library and the worship room, you need to destroy the pillar in the highest part of the level. Having done this, you can collect the great book from the worship room (it's the level where there is a huge stone vampire head). Lastly, in order to reach the top, you need to return to the central room and use the pillars which have slid here from the other rooms.

Level 41: The central room

It is here that Jekyll's quest reaches its conclusion. Dracula awaits you above…