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Part 1

In the room with the bed you take the cushion, the blue wire over the T.V. and if you press the console for the lights you go to a green, red and violet room. In the violet room you take a paper in the wall. Inside the bathroom you can take a toothbrush, a rubber and hook and a cord in the floor. With a look to the T.V. you'll see there's a lid you should open. In the kitchen room you take a book, a pencil, a toaster, a knife and a jar with marmalade inside the cupboard. Use the jar in the bathroom to get rid of the marmalade. Use the blunt knife on Dusty to make it sharp and then use it on the line of the fishing cane to take a piece of nylon line. If you talk to Dusty you have a close up but you need something to open his back. In the last room you take a dry battery, a stick of rubber and a rounded glass. Use the nylon line on the rubber stick to make a bow. Use the dry battery in the freezer in the kitchen to charge it. Go to the dark room and use the toothbrush in the mousetrap to release the cheese and take it. Take the seasoning and the acid. There´s nothing you can do yet to the lasso. Out in the kitchen use the cheese in the empty jar to make a bait for the mice and use it in the restaurant. You'll grab a mouse. Use the jar and mouse in the lasso to take it. Put the pencil tip in the door to the dark room to grind it and use that dust in the seasoning and add the acid to make gunpowder. In the book is explained how to make the gunpowder using sulfur(the acid), nitrate(the seasoning) and carbon(the pencil's tip). Use the gunpowder in the box in the dark room and then use the cord. Then use your hand(the interaction command) to light the cord with a burning ray and wait for the explosion. Take the remote control from the opened box. Use the charged battery in the remote. In the kitchen use the cushion with the china to put it on the top of it and then use the lasso with the screwdriver. Talk to Dusty and in the close up use the screwdriver on his back lid. Take the battery. Use the battery in the remote and is fully working. Use the paper from the violet room in the control to programm it with those numbers. Put together the wire and the toaster. Use the screwdriver in the rubber hook to separate them and use the rubber with the pencil to make an arrow. Use the arrow with the bow and the use it on the card in the room with the T.V. Go to the T.V. and use the screwdriver on the lid. Use the wire and toaster in the opening and you'll take automatically a piece of plastic. Use the card in the toaster and then use the programmed remote in the toaster to activate the card to open the door to the living room. Use the card in the console to the left of the door and go to the living room. After the cutscene take the camera and the bycicle handle and go outside. Take the nail in the path and go to the teletransporter and use it. Go to Quoid.
First go to the theater and take the magnet and the can from the entrance. After you talk to Justin and you know the story of the gulav take the tippex and go to the next room. After you talk to the police you'll go to the dressing room. Take the bird food and use the camera on the idol to take a picture. Talk to Peggy to find information and grab a parfum. Out to the other room take the sheet from Robotinna's statue. Go to the map and go to the square.Use the empty jar in the fountain.  Use the bird food in the fountain and take the ring. Since is dirty and the police told you the lost ring was white use the acid in the can and then the ring in the can. Use the can with the fountain to clean the can and the ring and then use the tippex with the ring to make it white. Give it to the cop and get a free pass and information. Go to the teletransporter and use it to go to Trimm Moon.
In Trimm go to the place with the signs and enter the store. Talk to the clerk. Take the peanuts and the ashes. Use the piece of plastic from the T.V. in the puzzle board and you'll earn a pair of scissors. Use the scissors in the sheet. Use the scissors in the picture of the idol. Go outside and enter the brewery. Talk to the little man and take the elastic band and the super rope.  Go outside and go to the spot with the tree. Use the elastic band and the nail in the arrow and bow and then use the new one in the fruit. Take the fruit to Uri and he'll give you the sugar.  Use the water in the jar with the brewing machine and the sugar too to make rum. Take the rum. Go to the spot with the tree and walk straight down as Uri told you. Enter the baths and take the soap. Use the super rope with the lasso and use the metallic hook in the hole in the small door. Use the new rope with the door and poley and then use the rope and the wires tips to melt them together. Use the console to start the mechanism and open the door. Go to the little room and take the green substance, the catalizer and the ticket to Werth so now you can visit that other planet. Use the green substance in the pump handle and use the glass on it to make a magnifying glass. Use the catalizer on the peanuts to swollen them. Go to room of the lava sight and pick up the rock. Use the swollen peanuts in the cavity of the three stones. Use the rock on the peanuts. Use the book on the rock. Get rid of the broken rock and use the can in the oil to grab it. Go to the teletransporter and go to Werth.
In the map go to the botanic garden and use the magnifying glass on the little sign to learn about the plant's wild relative that is the one in the square in QUOID. Go to the red pyramid and go to the back. Talk to the repairman and learn that you'll need some oil, a cog, a chip and the coordinates to fix the broken transporter. Use the oil in the mechanism. Go to the town on top of Werth's map and enter the Ghost Town. Talk to the mourning ghost and use the parfum on him to catch the cries and whispers. Use the ashes on the parfum with the whispers to create a scent of old and use it on the disguise you made with the sheet. Enter the house in the far right. You'll see the ghost of Gonald is afraid of the living so use the disguise in the biombo and wear it. Talk to Gonald to learn about the coordinates and take a key. Go outside and use the magnet on the bycicle handle to make a metal detector.  Now there's a spot beneath the antenna that you can interact with and there you should use the metal detector. Grab the box and use Gonald's key on it to take the coordinates. Use the coordinates on the remote to programm it with those numbers and then use the remote on the back of the transporter to activate the coordinates. Go to Quoid and to the square and after checking the plant use the knife to take a flower and use that flower in the rum to make a medicine. Use the medicine in Justin so he recovers his memories. When he does he'll tell you what he remembers and will give you the chip you must use in the broken transporter in Werth. Go to the dressing room in the theater and give Peggy the soap. When she goes to the bathroom use the picture of the idol you cutted with the scissors on the real idol and thats the cog you'll use in the transporter in Werth. Go to Werth and use the idol and the chip and use the console to go to Druom.
Go to the wasteyard and pick up the blue big battery and use it on the pink pond of lime. Take the pneumatic spotted in pink and use it on the can of gulav to fool the monster. Take the gulav from the can and go the house of Wizzy and Gromm. Go to the back of the house and use the gulav on the air duct. Use the lid from the T.V. on the duct and see what happens. Look through the opening in the door and then uise the metal detector on the key in the floor. Use the key in the front door and enter the house. Talk three times to the crazy bird to scare him off and then you can walk to the kitchen. First take the sponge. In the kitchen take the wierd seringe and use it on the pourridge. Go upstairs and go to the room when Wizzy is shooting. Take an ammo case. Go to the back of the house and use the sponge on the water from the pipes to make it humed and pick up the bullet. Use the seringe with pourridge in the ammo case and fill it. Use the bullet in the ammo case full of food and go upstairs. Use the wet sponge in the stamps album and grab one. Use the stamp on the ammo and then use this ammo filled with pourridge, a bullet and cover with a stamp in the bag near Wiizy. See what happens. Take the card and the battery. Use the card in the slot by the door and seat to see the end.

Part 2  ? coming soon