On the picture above Bonja Zierce van de Cerberushof dauchter from Dutch Champion,VDH III, Halvar Bretta van Bouversgarden en Zierce ten Roobos. Born on 11 September 1979 The first Bitch of Cor and Jos Valentijn van Zomeren, Owners from the Bouvier Kennel van de Lage Banken




C.A.M.van Zomeren
Frida katz erf 196
3315 VM Dordrecht
Tel (0031) 078-6169181


After many years of breading beautiful Bouvier des Flandres the owners of the kennel van de Lage Banken have decided tot close the kennel down due to personal problems. This site will remain on the web for all those people who still have Bouviers on the shows and in their homes with the name van de Lage Banken. It will be updated whenever news or photo's are available.

News from Zydeco, he is still winning !!!!!!!


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