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Welcome to my website!

I'm a member of the newsgroup alt.binaries.karaoke.

You will find here some midi-karaoke files I've created.

Big thanks to the sequencers who did the midi part.

It took some time, but you also will find 150 psalms I created some time ago.

The karaoke and midi files:

Various karaoke Various midi-karaoke files
Christian & Christmas Christian & Christmas midi-karaoke files
Dutch karaoke Dutch midi-karaoke files
Steve Day's midi sequences Midi-karaoke files sequenced by Steve Day
Leif Thiborg's midi sequences Midi-karaoke files sequenced by Leif Thiborg
Jaap Mulder's midi sequences Midi-karaoke files sequenced by Jaap Mulder
150 Psalms sequenced by me 150 Psalms (Dutch Liedboek der Kerken)

Information and useful tools:

A.B.K. info More information about alt.binaries.karaoke
FAQ A.B.K. F.A.Q.   Alt.Binaries.Karaoke
vanBasco vanBasco kar-player & searchengine (free)
Karakan Karakan: easy karaoke creator (free)

More karaoke:

Kris Kelley's midi sequences Sequences by Kris Kelley
Dutch karaoke New Hope Music (Ralph Merrifield): christian kars
Dutch karaoke Songs Of Praise: christian kars (& the offial website)

Links to other sites:

Links to other karaoke sites Websites offering midi-karaoke files
Links to ABK members Homepages members A.B.K.


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For comments or suggestions mail me, regards CowYow :)

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