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A2 Duo

Small site with the newest popular songs

Bob & Nancy

Sing along with Bob and Nancy


Huge Brazilian site with Brazilian and international songs

Cris Reed's Karaoke Home Page

Home of the best KAR files

Country Midi

Midi-karaoke's of country songs

Lots of midi-karaoke's


Lots of files in the category Karaoke

Herman de Vries

Small site with mostly gospel songs

Home Of Midi's

Small site with some KARs

Karaoke Bash

Big collection of midi-karaoke files

Karaoke Fenix

English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish KAR's from Brazil

Kar Universe

Biggest site with many KAR's in many languages

Krazy Katz Karaoke

Free KAR, Midi & MP3 sites

Maverick's Jukebox Saterday Night

Midi's of and links to many sequencer's sites

Moi's Ultimate Midi And Karaoke Jukebox

South African site with midi's and KAR-files


Site from Denmark with many KAR's

Patrick Mc Grory 

Country songs

Puggled karaoke

Huge site with international songs

RAT's karaoke pages

English and Türkish KAR and ST3 karaoke files

Ron's Kool Karaoke

Midi-karaoke's in big ZIP-files to download

REC Music Foundation

Classical midi-karaoke's

Rics Top Midi & Karaoke Pics Many midi-karaoke songs
Sean's karaoke Many KAR's made by Sean
SiteVIP karaokes Many karaoke songs

Spanish site

Site with Spanish and international KAR's

Steve Harding's website

Hundreds of midi & karaoke files

Studio 24

Mostly French and English KAR-files

Ukaine site

Site in Kiev with many KAR-files