Never born, Never died, only visited this planet between: 11 dec.1931 till 19 jan.1990

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh


"You go on pouring belief, more belief; but you are simply suppressing doubt deeper and deeper into your unconscious. And the deeper it goes, the more dangerous it is because you will become unaware of it. One day you will think that you believe, that you are a believer, that you have attained to faith ? because your doubt has gone so deep in your dark unconscious that you cannot see it anymore. I would like you to see your doubt clearly."

"Objects begin and end; subjectivity begins but never ends. Science uses observation as its method; religion also uses observation as its method, but it calls it meditation. It is observation, pure observation, of your own subjectivity. Science calls its work experiment; religion calls its work experience. They both start from the same point but they move in the opposite directions. Science goes outwards; religion goes inwards."

"I am heavy with some ecstasy, some blissfulness. And it is not a question of a bargain after death. I am not promising you something in the future, and I am not asking you anything in return, not even a thank-you, because I am grateful to you that you shared with me."

"So when I say there is no God, I am saying there is no person as God; all personality is human projection. I want you to take away the personality and let God be free, free from the bondage of personality that you have imposed upon him. I am not an atheist. To me, the whole universe is full of the energy of God and nothing else."

"I cannot do miracles; miracles have never happened. Nature never changes its rules. It is indifferent to you, whether you are Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Buddha. Who you are, it does not matter; nature is impartial, fair, it simply follows its own law. That law I call dharma, tao, logos. And a true religious man falls in harmony with the law of nature. The person who is trying to do the miracle is trying to deceive nature, deceive you. He is not in harmony with nature; he is trying to prove himself above nature, super-natural."

"Every religion is afraid of women, because every religion is afraid of sex. Every religion is repressive of sex, against sex. Naturally, it is a byproduct that every religion has to be against the woman, the woman has to be condemned. If you condemn sex you are bound to condemn the woman. If you respect the woman ? it is a corollary ? you will respect sex also, as a natural thing."

"I don't say anything about heaven or hell, punishment or reward. I simply say to you: go on dying to the past so it is not a burden on your head. And do not live in the future, which is not yet. Concentrate your whole energy here now. Pour it in this moment, with totality, with as much intensity as you can manage. And that moment you will feel life. To me that life is equivalent to God. There is no other God than this life."

"Capitalism is the first system which creates wealth. It needs intelligence to create wealth. And unless we create so much wealth that wealth loses all meaning, unless we create a standard of wealth so high that the poor automatically start becoming richer.... Nobody can eat wealth ? what are you going to do with it? There comes a point of saturation. And when capitalism comes to the point of saturation, then only comes the flowering of communism."

"You have not come with anything written on your forehead. You can go to the surgeon and let him look into your forehead. Nothing is written there, and nothing is written in the lines of your hand. You come in this world absolutely like a plain, unwritten, open book. You have to write your fate; there is nobody who is writing your fate. And who will write your fate? And how? And for what? You come in the world just an open potentiality, a multidimensional potentiality. You have to write your fate. You have to create your destiny. You have to become yourself."

"There is anger in every Christian against Jesus. And because of this anger he shows too much fanaticism for Jesus, so that nobody knows that he is angry. In fact he himself does not want to know that he is angry, that he has been deceived, that he has been given a bogus belief, that for two thousand years millions of people have lived with this belief and died with this belief ? attaining no growth, reaching nowhere, finding nothing."

"If you have something, something that gives you joy, peace, ecstasy, share it. And remember that when you share there is no motive. I am not saying that by sharing it you will reach to heaven. I am not giving you any goal. I am saying to you, just by sharing it you will be tremendously fulfilled. In the very sharing is the fulfillment, there is no goal beyond it. It is not end-oriented, it is an end unto itself."

"These are the two pseudo ways most people have lived and are living: the first is in the yesterday, the past; the second is in the tomorrow, the future. Both are really ways of deceiving yourself. The yesterday is no more, and the tomorrow has not come yet."

"You have to sharpen your doubting forces so that you can cut through all rubbish and you can ask questions which nobody can answer. Only your own quest, inquiry, will help you to come to the realization of them. The religious question is not something which can be answered by somebody else. Nobody else can love on your behalf. Nobody else can live on your behalf. You have to live your life, and you have to seek and search the fundamental questions of life. And unless you discover yourself there is no joy, no ecstasy."

"I am a gnostic. And I would like you all to be gnostics, to come to a point of experience where things beyond words happen, where language is left far away back, light years back, where there is no possibility to conceptualize your experience."

"In the beginning you will feel very empty because that place of God in you has been filled...millions of years he was there; the sacred shrine in your heart was filled with the idea of God. Now, suddenly throwing it out, you will feel empty, afraid, lost. But it is good to feel empty. It is good to feel afraid. It is good to be lost ? because this is the reality, and what you were feeling before was only fiction."

"I would like to say to you: obedience is the greatest sin. Listen to your intelligence, and if anything feels right, do it ? but you are not obeying, you are going with your intelligence. If your intelligence finds something is wrong, then whatsoever the risk, and whatsoever the consequence, go against the order. No order is higher than your intelligence."

"Bring your good and bad together, don't divide ? become one. And in your oneness you will see that there is no God outside and no devil outside. Those were projections of your inner division. Then you will see outside also a wholeness, an immense unity between darkness and light, between death and birth."

They all say that love is eternal, love is permanent; that real love never dies. Absolutely wrong. The real love dies sooner than the unreal love. Unreal love can live long; it is unreal, how can it die? It is a plastic flower. If you are pretending, you can go on pretending as long as you want."

"Just count how many thoughts are your own, and you will be surprised that not a single thought is your own. All are from other sources, all are borrowed ? either dumped by others on you, or foolishly dumped by yourself upon yourself, but nothing is yours."

"I am not giving you anything. Whatever I am doing is trying to destroy everything that you may have gathered from somewhere. You may have gathered from me, because you are such a gatherer. Things just simply go on clinging to you like iron filings to a magnet; they come from all directions. I want to destroy this state of continually gathering crap."

"Nirvana simply means cessation of the candlelight, so that you are in absolute silence. And darkness has no bad connotation in Buddhism. It is peaceful, it has depth. Light is shallow; darkness is infinitely deep."

"Existence as such has no meaning. Nor is it meaningless. Meaning is simply irrelevant to existence. There is no goal existence is trying to achieve. There is nowhere it is going. It simply is."

"Humbleness is nothing but the ego standing upside down. A humble person is not egoless; he has repressed his ego, forced his ego to stand on its head. He is trying to be the humblest man in the whole world. But what is ego? Somebody is trying to be the richest man in the world ? then it is ego. And somebody is trying to be the humblest man in the world ? then is it not ego?"

"It is your participation that gives life to the mind ? its thoughts, feelings, emotions ? it is your participation that gives life to it. When you are not participating, they simply disperse, leaving a pure emptiness: you alone, in your utter aloneness. Time stops. As mind stops, time stops. And for the first time in your life you see the seer, you observe the observer. You become aware of awareness, and this is all that religion is about."

"So right and wrong are determined by a particular society; they don't have any existential value."

"Unless you make a person feel guilty, you cannot enslave him psychologically. It is impossible to imprison him in a certain ideology, a certain belief system. But once you have created guilt in his mind, you have taken all that is courageous in him. You have destroyed all that is adventurous in him. You have repressed all possibility of his ever being an individual in his own right"

"Living dangerously means: don't put such stupid conditions between you and life ? comfort, convenience, respectability. Drop all these things, and allow life to happen to you, and go with it without bothering whether you are on the highway or not, without bothering where you are going to end. Only very few people live. Ninety-nine point nine percent of people only slowly commit suicide."

"This entry into oneself is the ultimate growth. You suddenly blossom. It is not a slow gradual growth, no. The word growth gives a wrong impression, as if slowly, slowly.... No, it is a sudden outburst. One moment you were nothing; another moment, a quantum leap ? you are all, because you have tasted your being and that being is exactly the same as the universal being."

"And those ten commandments cannot be fulfilled by any natural human being. The very structure is such that you will find it going against your natural instincts, your biology, your physiology, your psychology. So rather than blaming the leader, you will start feeling guilty, that it is because of you the promised land is not being reached."

"I would like you to remember: Live, and try to know what life is. Don't be bothered about death, heaven and hell, and this goddammed God. You simply remain with the life that is dancing in you, breathing in you, alive in you. You have to come closer to yourself to know it. Perhaps you are standing too far away from yourself. Your concerns have taken you far away. You have to come back home."

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