Barrahûs was in the early middle ages a dependency of the monastery of Bergum. In later times this was a place of important Governmental meetings. The later famous Viglius van Aytta was born here in the year of 1507. The place was many times destroyed by the inhabitants of Leeuwarden and also by gangs of robbers.
There is a "once upon a time" about Barrahûs telling the following story:
It was on a late dark evening, the weather was bad, the wind squalled through the high trees around the farm and the rain swept the windows. The farmer, his family and the servants, were sitting around the table having their evening meal, meanwhile listening to the storm.
Someone was bouncing the door and the farmer went to see who it was. It was a stranger, a woman, she asked for some food and hospitality for that night. The visitor however was a man dressed as a woman, trying to get into the farm and when everybody was asleep he would let in his fellow bandits to kill and rob the farmer and his folks. The farmer though did not trust the stranger and he used an old trick to find out if she was really a woman. After the meal he threw an apple to each of the party sitting in the circle. The male putting their knees together, but the female spreading the knees out to catch the apple in their lap. The villain caught out in the farmer's trap and squeezed his knees together. Then the farmer and his servants overpowered the man and gave him such a treatment that he and his friends never intended to try it again.

"The soldier of Barrahûs" is another story connected to Barrahûs:
There is a small statue the farmer put in his garden in honour of a soldier who saved his live and possessions.
Soldier statue
Statue of the famous "Soldier of Barrahûs".