"GARDE D'HONNEUR" of Wirdum: Jacob Andeles Palsma.

Story about events during the "French Period" and short after that (1813-1817).

In 1998 we made a book about the correspondence from and to Jacob Andeles Palsma.
It contains 58 pages:
* Preface
* Copy of his passport
* About 25 letters
* Description of the journey he made to France
* A summary of Jacob Andeles Palsma's further life

A short summary:
It is the year of 1813. Since the year 1795 The Netherlands were governed by the French. But now the Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, has been beaten in Russia. His once famous warriors were discouraged, so he was in need of fresh manpower. Therefore he recruited a new corps of soldiers from the occupied countries.
This new corps was called: GARDES D' HONNEUR. The young men were especially selected from distinguished families. As a matter of fact these young men were a kind of hostages.
On June the 7th that year, Jacob Andeles Palsma was ordered by the Prefect of Friesland to enlist on June the 14th in Leeuwarden. He was selected to serve as a "soldier of honour" in the Emperor's army. It's not hard to imagine that the young man did not much appreciate this "honour".
Jacob's father was a farmer and Major in Wirdum and also Judge deputy in the municipality Leeuwarderadeel. The recruited young men had generally little or no training whatsoever as a soldier and they were expected to bring their own horse with them and to finance their own living expenses.

This book about the correspondence between Jacob Palsma and his family is not officially published (only for private use). Language Dutch. Introduction Frisian. Title: "Beskieden Jacob Andeles Palsma" ("Tidings Jacob Andeles Palsma")

Four pictures:

Garde d'Honneur
A letter from a Garde d' Honneur to his sweetheart, most times written by the regiment writer.

Emotional parting of Gardes d'Honneur from Amsterdam, October 1812.