Dashed and Stippled outlines in Tk8.0.5 and Tk8.2(.3)

references since November 1 1999
The current Tk8.0.5 and Tk8.2(.3) releases are missing some features, which for the most of them will be available in Tk8.3 and later. The most important of them are dashed and stippled outlines and postscript output for images and windows.

Currently the following versions are supported. They all have the same functionality as described below:

Older versions are still available 'as is', but no long supported:

This patch adds the following enhancements:

Written by: Updated: January 16, 2000
Jan Nijtmans
CMG (Computer Management Group) Arnhem B.V.
j.nijtmans@chello.nl (private)
jan.nijtmans@cmg.nl (work)