Mingw ported software

Here you can find a few packages which are ported to Mingw by me.

Availabe are:

tcl8.3.0-mingw.tar.bz2 new
Mingw binary distribution of Tcl8.3.0+ (with plus-patch already applied) http
tk8.3.0-mingw.tar.bz2 new
Mingw binary distribution of Tk8.3.0+ (with plus-patch already applied) http
bzip2-0.9.5d-mingw.tar.gz (51014 bytes)
bzip2-095d-mingw.zip (71238 bytes)

The bzip2 distribution contains the "untbz.exe" application, which can untar and bunzip2 an archive in a single step. This might be useful to unpack the other archives on this page.

There isn't much documentation. See also the Plus-patch homepage.

Written by: Updated: March 13, 2000
Jan Nijtmans
CMG (Computer Management Group) Arnhem B.V.
j.nijtmans@chello.nl (private)
jan.nijtmans@cmg.nl (work)