- by our special reporter -

Our special reporter got a very characteristic call today!

My neighbour is an alien! What to do now?
Ha! The characteristic problem. An alien? He/she/it eats green stuff, right?
Yes, and I think this nullifies the whole neighbourhood! The price of my house will surely drop! So I can't leave this horrid place either!
Hmm. Is the alien green or purple? If it's purple, hang up and flee!
Green. With strange feelers on his head!
Hey, that's odd. I really thought all Nameks had left our planet…
I already know it's ODD, but what do I have to do when he comes over to borrow a cup of sugar?
Buy a can of green colouring, poor it over the sugar and he'll accept it.
I mean: how do I let him leave? I don't want strange creatures at my place when I have visitors!
Then don't open the door.
But, but… I have to open the door some day, don't I?
Geez… Human, stop whimpering!
Great. Just great. And if you won't help me, who will?
Ask your neighbours.

Another problem solved by our special reporter! Do you have a problem? Call Spacey! We'd like to help you!