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Welcome to my homepage. It doesn’t look like much, but then I won’t put an enormous amount of effort into it. That would only take time away from writing the stories. Besides, the site is about reading the stories, don’t need much frills to accomplish that.

I’ll use this only - at least for now - to dump all my stories in. I’m planning on giving each of my stories a nice cover picture.

The stories are archived and published on several different websites, most notably on:

Twisting The Hellmouth (Buffy Crossover Archive) The Seventh Diminsion Fanfiction Archive
Xander Zone

Last, but not least, they are (of course) also on my yahoo group. I will keep publishing my stories there, but now they’ll have a nice aditional home here.

I once saw a page which was also for publishing stories, and people had liked it so much they had drawn pictures based upon those stories. If you want to do it too, fine with me, send them, and I’ll see about putting them up on here.

I’m using a different rating system than the MPAA - the mostly standard around the web for FanFiction - you can find more information on it at the link.

Finally to fully enjoy my stories in the formats they were intended here’s a a font archive that contains all the used fonts in my stories.


31-08-2008: BLEACHed - See Me in Shadow part 2 is up here.

09-06-2008: The Legend of Uzumaki Naruta Chapter 3: Another Test! You All Fail!? is up here.

09-06-2008: The Legend of Uzumaki Naruta Chapter 2: A Rival Emerges is up here.

21-12-2007: ½ Blessing, ½ Curse Season 2 part 7 is up here.

06-08-2007: Buffy Z - Angels Saga - Episode 90: Healing Is All One's Got - The Dilemma of Trust is up here.

Who am I?

I’m from Netherland, where I also currently live. I was born on the twenty-fifth of April, 1978. ’m a graduated sofware engineer with a degree officially having the title “Ing.” meaning Engineer. Really though, I’m a writer, I love writing, and working toward doing it for a living. I have one extremely irritating younger brother. My mother is still alive, my father passed away two years ago. (Thank god!)

I Like Science Fiction and Fantasy.

If you want to contact me, you can e-mail me by clicking here.

That’s about it, on with the show.

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