Rating System

As a consequence of the MPAA crack down on NC-17 (Morons!), since I never liked the rating indicaters as well as its lack of expressiveness, and because people outside of the US might not get it, I've decided to go with a different, more intuitive rating system:

A - All audiences.
10+ - Ten and above (duh!).

I'm adding a code for why it gets the rating. Here sadly, the intuitivenes falters somewhat, but alas.  Three basics:

S - Sex
V - Violence
W - Words

Then there are two modifiers, yielding 3 possibilities for all of the three basics:

GS - Gratuitous Sex - porn/pure smut
ES - Contains Explicit (graphical) Sex descriptions, however not full on plotless porn.
S - Basic sex, nothing major, nothing graphical, but enough younger kids shouldn't check it out.

GV - Gratuitous Violence: the porn of violence or close too, mostly one giant string of dead bodies and blood and gore.
EV - Explicit Violence, equivalent to ES.
V - Violence, equivalent to S.

GW - Gratuitous Words: a giant string of profanities and swearing. (Undoubtedly only some type of parodies would get this.)
EW - Explicit Words: some good swearing, but not entire sentences with just swearing, equivalent to ES and EV.
W - Equivalent to S/V, but with swearing.

Thus ratings would become:

17+GS - Utter complete and total porn smut.
15+EV - A story suitable for 15 and up, having quite some violence in there, possibly with cut off limbs and blood splattering around.
13+SVW - For thirteen and up, with a moderate to good dose of sex, violence, and bad words, but never getting explicit.