Dana's Legacy

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Disclaimer: These characters and situations do not belong to me, they belong to respectively Paramount Pictures, 1013 Productions and Panzer/Davis Productions

These story's are about Dana Katherine Scully, the original female character from the X-Files. In these stories she's a Highlander style Immortal and she's alive four hundred years in the future of Star Trek. She goes through many trials and tribulations and they can be read in these novel- and novella-length stories.

If you want to know what happened to so far to Dana in the stories published, you can read the time line.


1. Nothingness: This is the story that started it all. Almost 200 pages long, it tells the story of Dana and Duncan MacLeod, Federation Ambassadors, who have been sent into Sector 221-G to solve a diplomatic crisis. We also get a quick overview of the most defining moments in Dana's life, from cold calculative General to insanity.

Standard NC-17 version

No sex PG-13 version


2. Wormhole Dead Ahead: The sequal. We're in the Dominion War by now, and the Dominion is planning to build an artificial Wormhole to bring in an unstoppable amount of reinforces and Dana has to destroy it. Ties in with the Star Trek Novels The Dominion War Books One and Three and with the book Vulcan's Heart.

Standard NC-17 version

No sex PG-13 version


3. Two Little Ships, Far, Far Away: Follows Wormhole Dead Ahead directly. Dana and crew are stuck in the Delta Quadrant, and meet up with the Federation Starship Voyager. Now they have to find a way back home. Warning! NC-17 Rape scene!


4. The Ezri quadrilogy: Part 1 - An Old Acquaintance: Ezri is still trying to come to grips with her recent joining, when out of the blue an old acquaintance from a previous life arrives.
  Part 2 - Just a Short Trip Through the Wormhole:

Due to Ezri’s past host’s experiences she’s sent to do an important scientific experiment in the wormhole, and ends up in 20th century Earth.

  Part 3 - The Emperor's New Concubine: Dana finally meets up with Ezri on DS9, but soon after Ezri is kidnapped... to the mirror universe! And Dana goes along for the ride!


5. Double Helix: Book 7 - The Final Solution: For all those who have read the Double Helix books, didn't you think the bad guy was just a little to washed up and pathetic to have performed what he supposedly did? Well, I did, and this is the result. What if an much more sinister and immortal force was behind Thul? And now Dana is up against it.


6. The Return of Connor MacLeod: Duncan MacLeod is finally getting married, one day before his wedding he meets somebody unexpected, and it dredges up old memories of Connor MacLeod.