The Stories

I use several font types for my titles and chapters in my stories. If you want to read the stories in their full glory download the zipped fonts by clicking here.

1. The Rebirth of Christopher Pike: About a weird, legendary Immortal who comes to save Chris' life as the Talosians die around him. I consider it part of Dana's Universe, but she isn't in it so it's archived sepearately.

2. Wie Is Mark Molendijk?: Dutch! For those who can read it, or want to test that translation program. Crossover between Highlander and the Dutch TV Show Spangen. It's not so good, it was a rushed job, something I decided to turn into a fanfiction contest, and they had a deadline. It didn't win.

3. Dana's Legacy: This is it! The big one! Several novel size stories and more on the way.

4. :

Dragonball Z/BtVS crossover, Xander is a Saiyan. Four sagas, two ‘What If?’ Scenarios, 4 Dragonball dimension side stories, and still not finished.

Buffy Z banner by BigHead.

5. Chosen to Destroy: my comments on the Buffy finale in a story.

6. Vengeance Satisfied is Justice Served: Buffy has to choose: Xander or Spike? Who will live? XanderZone Challenge response. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Crow crossover.
The Safehouse Policy: by BigHead: Xander and Faith have a mission: find Angel and make him pay for his betrayals. Sequel to Vengeance Satisfied is Justice Served

7. Mortal Kombat: Angel Finale Aftermath.

8. :

Ranma ½ / BtVS crossover, Xander is sold to the Chinese mob by his father in between season 1 and 2 of Buffy.

½ Blessing, ½ Curse banner by BigHead.

  ½ Blessing, ½ Curse - Season 2: Ranma ½ / BtVS crossover; sequal to season 1, Xander is still cursed; starts with his vacation to Nerima.

9. :

BtVS / Naruto crossover: post S7 Faith is sent to investigate strange occurrences in Africa, surrounding Xander, and his Slayer training observation, along with mysterious rogue Slayers.

Finding Ballance banner by BigHead.

10. Duke Nukem - Origin of an Asskicker: The origin of Duke Nukem. Babes, asskicking and funny oneliners galore!

11. BLEACHed - See Me in Shadow: Xander Harris wears a different Halloween costume, and transforms into Kuchiki Byakuya. Everything changes from there.

12. The Legend of Uzumaki Naruta: What if Naruto was born a girl?