The province of skutsjesilen (traditional flat-bottom boat sailing), the eleven city skating trek, which btw could also be made by yacht or bicycle in summer time, and my holiday house near the old town of Grouw:

 Yn 'e Lijte  along A32 and railways  between Leeuwarden  and Heerenveen,  satellite photo

Photo album of our new holiday resort:-

What it used to look like:

And what the sales brochures said:

And then (April 97) when the construction works was done:

Finally we could move in for vacation (may 97):

Since the winter there is rather quiet, we are back around Xmas '97:

And then in June 1998, taking advantage of a warm weekend, out onto the water:

with brother Kees at the helm, and nephews Hugo and Wessel Jongens at the jib.

Finally: on 1 September 1999, the house is sold:

and we have a new place in Ommen.

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