Thank you for your invitation to Midwinter Celebrations. I have now arranged transport and will arrive with my party of 300 providing you can arrange daylight for landing. Surely this should be easy for your scientists to do.

Dick Smith.

Regret unable to attend your frigid festivities as have been invited to Iranian Mid-Summer Nuclear Barbeque. Fireballs instead of snow balls. Very warm regards,

Phillip Adams.

Regrettably unable to accept invitation to visit Mawson as fully committed here in Sydney. But thank you for thinking of me. Regards,

Ita Buttrose.

Intrigued by invitation. While we equipped with blubber for environment, lack of information on transport. Cheers,

Phillip Adams.

Thank you for passing on the invitation from Mawson to attend Midwinter Celebrations. I am terribly sorry I did not reply in time, but I have been in North Queensland and have only just returned to Adelaide and read your letter.

Don Dunstan.

Have only today received invitation from men at Mawson. I would be delighted to join the celebrations and can only continue to curse the ABC and the postal system. Please advise next winter celebration in plenty of time. Warmest regards,

Garry McDonald.

Thank you for your kind invitation to join you for Midwinter Celebrations. Unfortunately, stability of inflatable rubber dinghy, over required distance, is highly questionable. Therefore most regretfully decline. Yours faithfully,

Lyle Hynes.

Jean Ledingham thanks Mr. Tivendale of Mawson for his kind invitation and takes great pleasure in accepting it. Unfortunately, her husband will be unable to be present as he is suffering from an acute attack of gout. Any polar transport available will be greatly appreciated.

Jean Ledingham.