Mawson Admirals Cup

by (do you know who?)

Mawson - Race 1 in the best of seven series, to decide the winner of the Mawson "Admirals Cup" was declared a "no race" after Shakey's Ice Burner, which led most of the way, had to retire after being stopped by an ice-crack, causing severe damage to the chassis and steering gear.

Jumbo's Mustang (so called because it keeps throwing him), had to be towed back to port after being becalmed.

A protest has been lodged because of the disagreement between the contenders over which rock is actually "Ring Rock". The protest came about after Jumbo and Snoopy commenced the return leg of the course, before reaching the rock that Lizard and Shakey claim is Ring Rock.

The next race in the series will be run when modifications and repairs to the Ice Burner have been completed. No date has yet been set.

The course for the next race in the series is yet to be decided but rumours have it as being a multi leg race in Kista Strait. Umpires will be requested to ensure that each yacht completes the course without missing any buoys. Shakey's new "secret weapon" is said to be in the design of his "Ice crack proof" front end, while Jumbo is relying on modifications to his rear running gear to give him an edge.

Both yachts in the following races will be evenly matched, both using jibs or both without jibs, depending on wind conditions of the day.