The nebulous cloud of fractured atoms,
Free at last of its stellar hold,
Reaches for the fragile blue-green planet.
Pulsating for the fragile blue-green planet.
Pulsating with energy the cloud gradually submits
And succumbs to the ever increasing magnetic field.
Charged particles are trapped and forced to spiral along field lines.
Light, free of physical constraints,
Streams downward through the thickening atmosphere.
A collision with a lone oxygen atom annihilates the quanta of light,
Exciting an electron to a higher orbital.
The random leisurely motion of the atom now ceases,
With a surplus of energy it rouses its neighbours from their slumber,
Imparting its excess energy.
Time faces and this face of the planet is dark.
The atmosphere seething from the solar onslaught relaxes.
Once energetic electrons cascade to a more stable state,
Releasing a quanta of light perceived by human eyes as a shimmering green glow.
Precipitation of charged particles occur, Enhancing absorption of radio waves.
A message of love may not be received today.
Yet it is a strange but wonderful world,
Where a solar flare many millions of miles away,
Can cause a man to gape in awe and curse in frustration.

Colin McIntosh.