Significant dates

September 3-7th, 1979.

Field training camp at Rocky Valley.

October 1-5 th, 1979.

Orientation Week at Bureau of Meteorology Building, 150 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

November 9th, 1979.

Nella Dan departs Melbourne, South Wharf berth No. 9 at 12 noon.

Nella Dan
Nella Dan
Owners J.Lauritzen, Esbjerg, Denmark
Built 1961, 2158 tons gross, 75.24 metres long, 12.5 knots

November 15th, 1979.

First iceberg spotted during voyage. Shep wins the sweep.

November 22nd, 1979.

Unable to find open sea into Davis, abandoned and heading for Mawson.

November 28th, 1979.

Nella Dan "docks" at ice-edge approx 40 miles from Mawson. We fly in to the station.

November 29th, 1979.

Positioned first summer program field workers - Big "D" and Drew Clark.

December 1st, 1979.

Commenced positioning people to Mt King base by Pilatus Porter.

December 5th, 1979.

Build up of Mt King base complete.

December 24th, 1979.

Nella departs Melbourne - second voyage

January 2nd, 1980.

Fuel train ex Mawson arrives Mt King.

January 9th, 1980.

Red Shed reaches lock-up stage.

January 12th, 1980.

Nella arrives at Mawson after spending 6 days at Davis. Sea ice still in Kista Strait.

January 18th.

Fly-over by Russian Aircraft

February 2nd, 1980.

VH BAD wrecked in crash in whiteout at Mt King.

February 20th, 1980.

Mt King flyout of summer party commenced.

February 25th 1980.

Mt King flyout complete.

March 3rd, 1980.

Nella arrives at Mawson - 3rd voyage. Pet iceberg now blocking entrance to Horseshoe Harbour.

March 4th, 1980.

Many Mawson '80 crew told to get ready to leave as Nella cannot enter Horseshoe Harbour to deliver fuel. With blizzard coming up, Nella enters harbour anyway.

March 6th, 1980.

Final Summer season traverse departs Mt King for Mawson.

March 7th, 1980.

Final departure from Mawson of Nella Dan, after nervous exit from harbour without passengers. They were flown out to Kista Strait by helicopter.

March 9th, 1980.

Pilatus Porter moved from West Bay into Hangar.

March 17th-19th, 1980.

Horseshoe Harbour freezes over.

21st March, 1980.

Chastiv's sign "The ice is thick enough to walk on Dagur" in middle of Horseshoe Harbour. First good aurora for the year.

31st March, 1980.

Brian and Jumbuck moved to new home on doglines after penguin "incident". Last powerhouse foundation pedestal poured.

April 1st, 1980.

Breakfast on the harbour, courtesy Cosin.

April 4th, 1980.

Arrival of Russians. Departure of Nick Voloshinov and arrival of Eugene Poltev

April 5th, 1980.

Pups Dino and Kesha presented to Russians as pets for Mirny.

April 6th, 1980.

Russians return with Siberian Railway carriage.

April 12th, 1980.

Mt King traverse arrives at station.

April 16th, 1980.

First big accumulation of drift around station from overnight blizzard.

May 29th, 1980.

Big "D", Raincoat, Tom, Ivan, Steelo and Cosin start weekly Scottish Dancing practice of the Reel of the 51st Division for Midwinter.

June 7th, 1980.

Cricket match on Horseshoe Harbour.

June 14th, 1980.

Bo Peep trial.

June 19, 1980.

Warren Cannon stars on the Don Lane Show.

July 6th, 1980.

Fishing party in Kista Hut (The Green Dunny).

June 21st, 1980.

Mid-Winters day celebrations.

July 26th, 1980.

Vida and Charlie's pups born. Streaky, Siber, Chuck, Shep and Madams.

September 23rd, 1980.

First spring seals noted.

October 5th, 1980.

D5 (Loretto) slotted on way back from Mt Henderson. (Party - Weather, Steelo, Raincoat and Cosin).

October 11th, 1980.

Skuas and seals noted returning.

October 12th, 1980.

Several seal pups seen and first giant petrel visited station.

October 24th, 1980.

Start of Professor Clarke's "Covert Homosexuality in Antarctica" saga.

November 2nd, 1980.

Ice yacht race to Ring Rock.

November 7th, 1980.

Fireworks/Flares display over West Arm.

November 9th, 1980.

First Adelie penguin entered harbour.

November 17th, 1980.

Nella Dan leaves Melbourne on first voyage of 80/81 season.

December 5th, 1980.

Nella Dan arrives at ice-edge.

December 17th, 1980.

Pet iceberg put on leash to East Arm.

December 19th, 1980.

Bollard for iceberg finished on East Arm.

December 22nd, 1980.

Jeanettes 7 pups born.

December 31st, 1980.

Prince Charles Mountains traverse departs Mawson.

January 9th, 1981.

Fuel depot established at Peak 7.

January 20th, 1981.

PCM party returns to Mawson.

January 30th, 1981.

Sea ice blasted and iceberg pulled towards east Arm.

February 3rd, 1981.

Nella Dan enters Harbour.

February 9th, 1981.

Larc overturned and sank beside Nella.

February 12th, 1981.

Unloading finished, Nella departs Mawson.

February 22nd, 1981.

Current change swings iceberg around East Arm. Tucks aerials wiped out again.

February 23rd, 1981.

Larcs pushed iceberg around East Arm, behind Entrance Island and away.

March 8th, 1981.

Station handed over to 1981 party at 1200. Nella Dan departs Mawson with remaining 1980 party.

March 13th, 1981.

Nanok S departs Mawson.

March 15th, 1981.

Nella Dan at Antarctic Convergence (55ĦS, 100ĦE)and turns south to Casey for emergency evacuation.

March 18th & 19th, 1981.

Nella Dan at Casey.

March 26th, 1981.

Nella Dan arrives at Hobart.