Mawson 1980 The Personalities

Aptly named Brian "Father" Ball from his role as "father of foreigners". If anything needed doing father did it and of course he was always willing to offer his advice.

Our beloved traverse King David "Brutus" Blaby ensured that the home fires kept burning through the long cold winter night. Thanks go to you and the diesos for this important part.

Kevin "Cosray" Campbell strained hard to yield strains on his bagpipes, accordion and tomatoes at Cosray Castle. Also made very good use of the Castle's Dungeon! Good company for late movie nights.

Tom "Radish" Maggs was a head in front of Warren "Lizard" Cannon in the spunkiest winterer award. Liz won the spunkiest father award anyway. We would take this opportunity to say heartiest congratulations to you both for that and the recent good news. We wish you a happy life together..... Tom (and Isabel of course!) and glad of your medical result Liz.

Andrew "Gnome" Crook appropriately named the "Angry Gnome" probably because of his condition ... "a sore tummy". This temperament however resulted in a spotless workshop and his condition from his own home brew. Thanks Andy.

Tony "Bear" Everett - Related to Miss Piggy with the disposition of a big cuddly bear. More 12 bar blues please Tony!

Our beloved Dr "Lecherous" Floyd" whom we have all loved (at some time or other) was sort of a "matrix" in the camp in that he unwittingly or otherwise helped to bond the winterers together. This he was able to do by being a constant source of fun, entertainment and plaster of Paris!

Always playing in the key of "D" Brian "D" Gaull. Thanks "D" for your many entertaining evenings.

Steve "Shakey" Harris. Found sabotaging Big "D"'s lettuce in hydroponics in order to clinch the "supreme hydroponicist of the year". Also surpassed himself with his up-dated, super-duper ice yacht.

"Ah Jumbo! Don't do that or I'll tell Father", heard many times from one of the most popular "Dogs of Mawson", Garry "Snoopy" Hardie. A little doubtful about his painted fingernail though.

A sterling job as chief printer, Alf "Phredd" Humphries! Also worked with Jumbo in fire control. Had some bad luck during the year with injuries but fought back well.

Our keenest ham operator was Sjoerd "Sojo" Jongens who linked many of the expeditioners with their loved ones back home. He also acted as our local "matchmaker" by using his astrological talents.

Syd "Godfather" Kirkby, King of Mawson. Great promoter of the much enjoyed doggy and or field trips. Loved physical contact games, especially the indoor variety.

Members of the 5BX fraternity will long remember the antics and hot breath of the long legged stallion known as Colin "Raincoat" McIntosh. Many thanks for the movies and your company man.

Mafia man Robert "Nobby" Petrini kept a fairly low profile earlier on but flashed his flick knife around later on in the year. Revered as the working tornado who loved glue wine.

It would not have been the same without our eternal romantic Graham "Jumbo" Pryde. His range of talents went from love, painting and guitar to the more mundane activities of electrician and fireman. Great stuff Jumbo!

Ivan "The Terrible" Reid from Mawson Heights kept his head firmly tilted towards heaven with a starry look in his eye. Not sure if this was in anticipation of his afterlife or if he was murmuring a few words of discontent on behalf of his interferometer. Thanks Ivan for your company and your unquenchable sense of humour.

The "Clancy of the Overflow" award went unanimously to David "Drobo" Robinson as he really was always willing to lend a hand. Keep on singing Drobo.

Robert "Weather" Schahinger always kept his hands busy ... if it wasn't a theodolite it was macrame or digitised anemometers. Ideal expeditioner. All the best Bob.

The man often seen "streaking" over the sea-ice bare back (on sno-cruiser) on many chilly wintery days was our friend George "KCMG" Seidl. Always the patriot and a fine movie-maker.

Kevin "Shep" Shepherd, shepherd of the dogs - with the occasional herding of Nobby.

No wonder Geoff "Siggy" Sigston spent so much time in his donga - very tasteful decor Geoff and see you in Cairns mate.

Great climber of radio aerials was our man from W.A. Dave "Steelo" Steele. Many thanks go to you (and Tuck of course) for a fine performance keeping those raddies coming in. We all know how important that is.

Peter "Stix" Stickland, chief rumour monger and ice-cave man. "C'arn the Swans". Thanks to you and the other ops for a fine effort on your end of the raddies.

Our man Robert "Tuck" Taylor, everyone's friend. Loved being "tucked in" at night. Glad you made the "Men from Mawson 1980" mate! Great effort at Radio VLV and field store mate, and don't forget to keep trim.

The "glacio of the year" award went to Charles "Chastiv" Tivendale. This award is issued every year to the man who not only has contributed to glaciology but also who took the most risks blowing up icebergs and crossing tide cracks.

Jim "JG" Vallance handed out and received more than food during the year. Thanks go to our romantic chef.

The most patriotic and yet fun loving Icelander you could ever meet was Dagur "Dagwood" Vilhjalmsson who not only operated radios but often was caught "I didn't promise you a rose garden".

Robert "Rusty" Yost won much acclaim for being Mawsons best dressed man around town. Thanks for all that homers Rusty. Oh yes, keep those knees covered up mate.

The station would not have been the same without our Eugene "Genie" Poltev with his happy and generous disposition. He also learnt a few new Australian words.